August 17, 2017 -Wellington, FL – BarnManager, a cloud-based, streamlined barn management software solution, is now ‘Free for 501(c)(3)!’ All equine rescues and equine therapy organizations with 501(c)(3) charity status are eligible to receive a FREE BarnManager subscription.

BarnManager was created with the mission of supporting barn managers and horse owners in providing the best care and management of their horses. Now, by offering the online management system at no cost to 501(c)(3) organizations, BarnManager aims to further that mission by supporting and simplifying the efforts of non-profits that work tirelessly to give horses a second chance, to improve the lives of others, and to bring happiness and well-being to people in need.


Owners or operators of 501(c)(3) rescue or therapy programs interested in signing up for a free subscription can click here for more information and to find out if the non-profit organization qualifies.


The idea to offer BarnManager Free for 501(c)(3) was born following a visit by BarnManager Nicole Lakin to The Peeps Foundation in Lexington, KY. The Peeps Foundation is a registered charity organization, dedicated to rescuing miniature horses, particularly dwarf miniatures with special needs, and providing them with forever homes.


“I was invited and welcomed to The Peeps Foundation by one of the co-founders, Josh Dolan,” explained Lakin. “During my visit, Josh spoke to me about some of the challenges he has in keeping paperwork in order for all of the minis coming in and out of their farm. They constantly have to dig through hundreds of file folders to locate various health documents, adoption records, and applications. He also has to spend a lot of time documenting all of the health treatments that they administer and instructions for new families to continue to care for their adopted minis.”


Now, with the implementation of BarnManager, each time a rescue animal comes to the farm, Dolan is able to snap photos of their documents and create a profile for them. As the new rescues are assessed and monitored, Dolan and his team can keep records and store any reports from their vet or farrier in each pony’s profile. Then, when it is time for a mini to move to their new home, Dolan can download and print or e-mail the records to the new family. He can also store copies of all adoption applications and contracts for his records and archive the adopted ponies so that their histories are saved, but they are no longer included in his active planning.


“We knew the incredible value of BarnManager for horse owners, show barns, and training operations, but working with Josh and The Peeps Foundation team, we really recognized that we also have a huge opportunity and a duty to support these amazing nonprofits,” Lakin said.


With the implementation of the Free for 501(c)(3) program, organizations can begin a free subscription here and begin accessing BarnManager from their computer, smartphone, or tablet to create detailed horse profiles, track medical records and training programs, schedule appointments, and much more.


To learn more about BarnManager, visit Click here to read more about the partnership between BarnManager and The Peeps Foundation and to learn more about The Peeps Foundation.


BarnManager is a cloud-based software solution that provides horse owners and managers with the tools they need to streamline and simplify their daily management responsibilities. The program offers digitized record keeping for the many facets of horse care and has developed intuitive and simple business tools to make small business management accessible and easy.