Help Bring Them All Home

2017 Summer Giving

#BringHorsesHome . . .

Horses thrill us as athletes, grace our lives as companions, nurture the next generation of equestrians and perform miracles for people with special needs.

But, all horses of all disciplines and all breeds, sizes, ages and conditions, even champions of the racetrack and the show ring, are only one unfortunate sale away from abuse, neglect and being sold for slaughter – the ultimate betrayal of horses we raised to trust us.

Right now we can ensure that deserving organizations that are rescuing horses and providing them with loving homes and purposeful lives are given a helping hand.

“What’s important to realize is that there is a great disparity in horse care practices among equine organizations,” said Valerie Angeli, VP Communications. The EQUUS Foundation provides financial support only to those organizations that are fully transparent and accountable to the public and are operating at the highest standards.

“As we head into the close of our fiscal year on August 31st and prepare to award grants,” continued Angeli, “the difficult selection process takes place – a process made far more difficult because we have received over $500,000 in requests and have only $250,000 in funds available so far. These organizations depend on us to assist them in their work. Our goal is to step up our support through grants — but we need donations from people who care to make this happen!”

Our EQUUStar, Jennifer Gates, said it best, “Those of us who have a deep love and respect for horses need to do our best to provide caring places for them to live and grow old. My dream is that someday, all abused and neglected horses will feel like Black Beauty at the end of his career, ‘My troubles are over, and I am at home.’ I will always do my part to bring these horses home. Please join me.”

Every amount donated to the EQUUS Foundation is life-saving for horses. Please make a donation today and spread the word. HORSES MATTER!