Sky Dog Sanctuary for Wild Mustangs Opens Their New 9000-Acre Ranch in Oregon

Rescue Home is Dedicated to Saving the Iconic American Horse and Raising Awareness of the Issues they are Facing

June 29th, 2017: Skydog Sanctuary, the 501c3 organization that provides a rescue home to at-risk mustang horses in America is officially opening a new 9,000-acre Skydog Ranch, near Bend, Oregon on July 15th from 12pm-4pm. They are opening their doors to the public for Family Day for visitors of all ages to come to the ranch for a hayride, food, and fun! Skydog Ranch is a forever home for wild horses providing sanctuary for mustangs that have wound up in kill pens, at auction, or being neglected, starved or abused.  Many of these horses are rescued hours away from being shipped to slaughter in Mexico or Canada to be killed for their meat and served on foreign dinner plates.

Tragically every year over 150,000 American horses are sent to be inhumanely slaughtered and many of those are mustangs. Skydog Sanctuary’s biggest, most important mission is to shine a spotlight on the issues facing our wild horses while continuing to rescue as many as possible.  By spreading awareness of the situation we can show how special, valuable and unique these wild horses are and create pressure to find alternative solutions that don’t require unnecessary killing, or captivity, for these beautiful animals.

Skydog Sanctuary has three locations; one in Malibu, CA and Calabasas, CA, and now near Bend, Oregon with more than 50 rescued mustangs at the new 9,000-acre property. Bend has become a forever home for many of these horses. It is a sacred place that was chosen for the large space for the horses to roam and live freely filled with peace and calmness. Both Malibu and Calabasas are smaller ranches but provide a tranquil and free environment for the horses to live and for guests to visit. The Malibu location has become a favorite to many locals and celebrities, it’s a breathtaking private ranch in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean and has been visited by celebrities including Gerard Butler, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Hough, Ireland Baldwin, Leona Lewis, Matthew Rhys, Kim Richards, Rachel Hunter, Casper Van Diem, Jeff Gordon, Jane Seymour, Pamela Anderson, Robert Kennedy Jr, Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, amongst others.

Skydog Sanctuary also has over 11,000 followers on social media including Stephen Moyer, Whitney Cummings, Christa Miller, Leona Lewis and Carolyn Murphy and a team of dedicated volunteers that includes Ireland Basinger Baldwin and Kim Richards. Sky Dog Ranch has been so fortunate to have volunteers come to the ranch to help, but they need more in order to save more horses.  Volunteers have found that helping at the sanctuary has been very rewarding.  It is a very calm setting filled with peace and tranquility.  You can find people from military veterans, celebrities, and people in recovery visiting the Sky Dog Ranches to experience the stillness and serenity the horses and environment provide to feed your soul.

Founder, Clare Staples-Read, has dedicated her life to rescuing as many mustangs as she can and has made it her goal to help even more by donating land for them to live on, hiring employees and volunteers to help, and creating awareness.  Clare is originally from England and as a horse lover felt compelled to create Skydog Sanctuary and help be a voice for these horses.  Mustangs truly are the original iconic symbols of the wild west of America – strong, free, independent, and beautiful – and are now being removed from the wild into captivity, costing millions in taxpayers money each year to keep.  This year the threat to mustangs in Government holding pens became even greater with threats of mass euthanasia being talked about as a result of budget cuts to the Wild Horse program.  Clare is determined to inform people so that never becomes a reality.

Speaking about the opening of Skydog Ranch, near Bend, Oregon, Clare said:

“We are thrilled to open the Skydog Ranch in Bend, it’s finally provided us with so much space for our horses to live and roam freely, I fell in love with this ranch the moment I set my eyes on it. We couldn’t be happier with the space and I know the horses love it too.”

She added “My goal is to bring these horses back to optimal health, and then give them a home to be free and safe forever. We can’t do this though without the support of others, we always welcome donations or people can sponsor one of the mustangs monthly. If you are local to any of our locations and would like to volunteer it is an incredible way to be in the outdoors and experience these beautiful animals.  Mustangs are very therapeutic and calming to be around, they bring tremendous joy to my life and I know others will feel the same.” –Clare Staples-Read (Founder and president) 

Clare Staples-Read with Jackson, the first of many horses she has saved.

Donations go directly to help save at-risk mustangs and also to pay for hay, feed, vet and farrier costs.  Skydog also does specific fundraisers to bail horses from feed lots or buy them at auction and to transport them to the sanctuary.  Donations are accepted on the Skydog Ranch Wesbite.  Skydog encourages and urges members of the public to adopt mustangs directly from the BLM via internet adoptions, prison auctions and from BLM holding pens. The incredible horses that people see and meet at Skydog Ranch are living proof of how truly special they are.