Three teams with fair chances of reaching the final of the 123° Open de Paris

Paris, June 21, 2017 – On Sunday 18th, three games, played between the fields of Bagatelle and St. Mesme, took place on the fourth day of the 123rd Open de Paris. The results mean that the last qualifying stage is wide open; three teams now have high chances of reaching Sunday’s final.
• Sainte Mesme, Kazak-Outsiders and La Concepcion arrive equal in points (6 each one, the three of them won 3 and lost 1).
• Sainte Mesme and Kazak-Outsiders will open fire in St. Mesme. The winner gets a spot in the Final.
• La Concepcion will close the day in Bagatelle playing against Santa Clara, who lost all the games of the tournament so far. If La Concepcion wins, will get the second spot in the Final as in 2016 when they lost against Costa Rica.
The 123 Open de Paris will continue on Saturday June 24th:
– 11am: Sainte Mesme vs Kazak-Outsiders
– 2pm: Red Falcon vs Costa Rica
– 3:30pm: La Concepcion vs Santa Clara
The Final is due on Sunday June 25 at Polo de Paris.
• The teams:
– KAZAK-OUTSIDERS: Sébastien Aguettant 0, Nicolas Desjouis -1, Clément Delfosse 5, Patrick Primael Paillol 5. Total: 9.
– SAINTE MESME: Robert Strom 4, Alexis Pouille de Balkany 2, Gonzalo Bernal 3, Birger Strom 1. Total: 10.
– LA CONCEPCION POLO: Hanspeter Spek -1, Gaetan Charloux 3, Martín Joaquín 4, Diego Braun 4. Total: 10.
– RED FALCON: Laurent Dassault 0, Jules Legoubin 2, Ramiro Zavaleta 4, Matthieu Delfosse      4: Total: 10.
– COSTA RICA: Antonio Gómez 1, Felipe Gómez 1, Iván Maldonado 5, Felipe Llorente 3. Total: 10.
– SANTA CLARA: Stanislas Clavel 2, Julien Reynes 3, Faty Reynot Blanco 5, Francisco Escobar 0. Total: 10.