Malvern Federal Savings Bank Takes on the Equestrian World with Hillary Dobbs

Hillary Dobbs (right) with Malvern Federal President and CEO Tony Weagley (left). (Photo: Brenda Carpenter Photography)
Malvern Federal has been a strong supporter and community sponsor of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair for the last two years, and has aligned themselves in a unique market by entering the equestrian community. Strategically, Malvern Federal has recently brought on board Hillary Dobbs, a 31-time grand prix winner in various equestrian competitions including winning the leading rider title at Devon in 2008. A highly decorated show jumper, Dobbs was the youngest rider to win more than $1 million in prize money. Earlier this month, Malvern Federal appointed Dobbs as an associate private banker in Malvern’s new representative office in Palm Beach, Florida. We thought we would sit down with Dobbs and see what the world looks like from the other side of the ring.
What is one of your fondest moments here at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair?
I cherish so many amazing memories here at Devon since my junior years, and truly so many after that. I’m very fortunate to have had some great horses, jumps and amazing rounds here. One of my most memorable moments was coming in second in the big grand prix to McLain [Ward] and Sapphire, which is basically a win on its own. McLain has always been a dear friend of mine and that was one special moment under the big lights. To be a part of such a world-class and prestigious venue has always been an honor to me.
Tell me about a winning moment you experienced here at Devon?
Well, aside from coming in a very close second to McLain in the grand prix, which truly did feel like a winning moment to me, I’d say walking out there and being honored for the leading open rider award was incredible. With the caliber of riders who come to this remarkable horse show, it was such a special moment that will stay dear to my heart.
Now that you’re on the other side of the ring, working for our community sponsor, Malvern Federal, how does it feel to be back at Devon in this new capacity?
It’s amazing to be back here. I’m now here at our sponsor event in an evening dress looking out at my buddies in the ring with their whites and boots. It’s funny, but it still feels right. I’m excited to have this opportunity with Malvern Federal, and I’m glad they saw something in me and are taking a leap of faith. It’s going to be a lot of fun to still be a part of the equestrian community in the Palm Beach office. I was originally drawn to Malvern Federal because it’s a family. It’s a boutique bank and we really take a lot of pride in getting to know the customers, and then they become a part of our family. There is a lot of trust there and I’m excited to build those relationships with existing and potential customers that I’ll be bringing on board.
For all of these young, aspiring riders that are here at Devon this year, do you have any insight or advice that you would give them?
I will say that each moment I walked through those arches I appreciated every second of it. I would tell the riders to enjoy the moment as much as you can. Whether you have a bad day or a great day you are at one of the best shows in the world, and it’s a privilege to be here. Don’t ever lose sight of that.