Two month old Egyptian Arabian foal in desperate need of help


“Barbara” was born in January, 2017. She is a straight Egyptian Arabian foal born with a wry nose. Her upper jaw is offset from the lower jaw and her left nostril is almost closed.

It was an intensive and expensive proposition to choose life over euthanasia for Barbara. Making her situation even worse, her dam doesn’t want her to nurse unless a human is present to insure the mare stands.

Barbara needs constant help to nurse and can’t get enough milk as her sucking mechanism doesn’t work correctly because of the shape of her upper jaw. Nursing is important for nurturing but she is also fed milk replacer from a bucket. She aspirated milk while nursing in her first month which led to pneumonia and yes, more bills.

Little Barbara is a very robust and friendly foal. She also looks to humans daily for “help” to nurse. Although she doesn’t understand it, she knows that when Mamma is near the humans, she is allowed to nurse. When she’s hungry she calls out to humans within her sight and comes confidently to them, wagging her little tongue; as if to say “please may I nurse.”

She must have surgery upon weaning at about six months because she won’t be able to bite off grass or even chew hay like other horses. The squished nostril will make her intolerant of running and playing as adolescent horses love to do.

Her medical AND intensive daily care costs are mounting quickly and we have just a few months left to raise funds so she may get surgery at six months. There are only a few veterinarians in the US that do the surgery but if obtained, the prognosis is very good for a normal life.

Your financial  help will be used to pay off her large medical bills to date and to give her the corrective surgery that will allow her to have a full life… to eat, exercise and even possibly to be a performance and companion horse as she was bred to be. Her medical bills are expect to be around $23,000 or more.

Barbara’s life is really important to us. We chose life for her and with your help she will have a normal life. She is of exquisite and ancient Egyptian blood lines and could have a bright future if we can fund the surgery needed upon weaning.  We have three and a half months to raise the money.

Barbara has a Face Book Page – Save Barbara.You can see updates on her progress there.

We’re happy to answer any questions about our “Barbara.” Martha Carroll-Talley and I thank you for your consideration in helping Barbara.