Saut Hermès: A day for couples!

Three classes have already taken place on this second day of the Saut Hermès 2017 at the Grand Palais. The day started off at 10am with Les Talents Hermès class for up-and-coming young international show-jumpers. The Italian rider Emanuele Massimiliano Bianchi (22 years old) and the Swedish rider Evelina Tovek (24 years old) shared the top spot on the podium having finished with exactly same time. At 12.30, it was time for the first CSI 5* class: the Prix GL Events, a 1.50m class against the clock. After Patrice Delaveau yesterday, it was the turn of Julien Epaillard to hear the Marseillaise ring out after his victory under the glass nave of the Grand Palais. Finally, at 3pm, it was time for one of the highlights of the day, the Saut Hermès – a class with €100,000 in prize money contested by mixed couples of riders – which was won by the German rider Christian Ahlmann and the 25-year-old Swedish rider Petronella Andersson. The final class of the day – the CSI 5* Prix 24 Faubourg will take place at 7.30pm during the first late-evening session of the Saut Hermès.
Les Talents Hermès / Class 4: Les Talents Hermès, a duo of winners! [10:00]
Not just one but two national anthems rang out under the glass nave of the  Grand Palais at 10am on Saturday 18 March for the opening class on this second day of competition: the Talents Hermès. The Italian rider Emanuele Massimiliano Bianchi (22 years old) on Zycalin W and the Swedish rider Evelina Tovek (24 years old) on Quiara M both crossed the finish line with the same time (40’’44)! Our two champions of the day have certainly turned their first participation in the Saut Hermès into a great success.
It really was a course for the horses, with a lot of riders in the jump-off,” explained the 2013 European Junior Champion. “I was not as fast as I would have liked. My mare Zycalin is very fast and I could have done better. But fortunately it was enough anyway. My sister Matilde Giorgia and I are really pleased to have been invited to participate in the Talents Hermès. I have always watched the classes of the Saut Hermès on TV. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest competitions!”

Just 24 years old, Evelina Tovek had to take a lot of risks to match the time set the Italian rider in the black and red uniform. “Quiara jumped really well. She’s not particularly fast usually, but today she was fantastic and in good state of mind. We managed to equal the best time and win! I’m just really happy.” 

Out of the 20 starting riders (all under 25 years old) from 10 different countries, 14 couples managed a perfect round to qualify for the jump-off of this 1.45m class. Out of the 7 couples that rode two clear rounds, the British rider Jessie Drea –  who won the Talents Hermès class yesterday – had the second best time. She showed she is comfortable in this Parisian arena by once again taking a place on the podium with Mullaghdrin Touch the Stars (40”84).

The fourth and final rider under the bar of 41 seconds was the Irish rider Eoin McMahon who finished fourth on Baloukira (40’’88). The French riders Joanna Parkinson (on Golden Magic C) and Edward Levy (on Starlette de La Roque) finished 7th (clear round in 44”52) and 13th (10 points) respectively.

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CSI 5* : Prix GL events / Class 5: Julien Epaillard & Cristallo A LM keep the suspense alive right to the end! [12:30]

On the second day of competition at the Saut Hermès on Saturday 18 March, the audience in Paris were treated to a truly exciting class against the clock! Having led from the start with a time of 61’’30 on Hermès Ryan, Simon Delestre – the Hermès partner rider – finally saw his lead provisionally overtaken by the world number 1 Daniel Deusser. Riding Equita Van’t Zorgvliet, the German rider finished the 1.45m-class designed by his compatriot Franck Rothenberger in 60’’51.

However, the last rider to take to the arena – the French rider Julien Epaillard – did not give up and rode with great determination. On his faithful 13-year old gelding Cristallo A LM, he completed the only clear round under 60 seconds. This was the couple’s second win at the Saut Hermès, having already won a class in 2015 (with Amy Graham (AUS)).

“I didn’t see Daniel Deusser’s round. I had watched Simon Delestre and Bosty, who was really quick. I tried to go fast without pushing my horse too much at the start of the round. A lot of riders went out too fast and paid the price at the end of the course, because for table A class against the clock, it was quite long and had 13 obstacles. Cristallo A LM is really competitive in this type of class between 1.50 and 1.55m. It’s where he is at his best. This competition seems to bring out the best in him. There is a really special atmosphere here; it’s really nice because the audience is made up of a mixture of connoisseurs and novices.” 

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Emanuele Bianchi

Evelina Tovek

Julien Epaillard

Prix GL event
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CSI 5* : Le Saut Hermès / Class 6: Saut Hermès : Ahlmann and Andersson, the king and queen of the Grand Palais! [15:00] One is a fresh-faced 25-year-old with a burning desire to compete against the world’s best, while the other is an experienced show-jumper, ranked number 3 in the world. The Swedish rider Petronella Andersson and the German rider Christian Ahlmann won the Saut Hermès this Saturday afternoon. Featuring teams of couples, this 1.60m class is one of the highlights on the second day of competition at the Grand Palais. Riding Ivoor van’t Paradijs, Petronella Andersson – who had previously ridden under the glass nave of the Grand Palais in Les Talents Hermès (under 25 years old) – completed a magnificent clear round in the first leg. However, unlike her team-mate for the day, Christian Ahlmann, she did not manage to ride another clear round in the second leg. The world number 3 recorded two perfect clear rounds on his stallion Colorit.
The duo were the penultimate team to ride and therefore still had to wait for the provisional leaders – Pénélope Leprévost and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson – to complete their round. With two clear rounds, the French Olympic champion (riding Ratina de la Rousserie) was on course to win for a 4th time in the Saut Hermès (having won the class in 2010, 2013 and 2014). Unfortunately, her Swedish team-mate (riding Clarimo Ask) knocked a bar off, thus depriving them of victory and pushing them down to fourth place overall.

We are really, really happy; we didn’t expect to win,” said Christian Ahlmann. “We had to wait until the very last riders completed their round. We never imagined Rolf-Göran Bengtsson would make a mistake. It’s a really fantastic win!” “”It was such an exciting class! I am so happy to be here and to have been teamed with such a great show-jumper as Christian! I already loved this competition, having previously taken part in the class for riders under 25, but this is just amazing!” 

The second and third places on the podium for this class – with €100 000 in prize money – went to two couples with 4 points. The Finnish rider Juulia Jyläs on Courage T Z and the Belgian rider Olivier Philippaerts on H&M Legend of Love came second. The 25-year-old French rider Margaux Bost (the niece of the Olympic champion Roger-Yves Bost) on As de Papignies and the world number 1 Daniel Deusser (ALL) on Clintop 2 took third place on the podium.

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Petronella Andersson

Christian Ahlmann

Juulia Jyläs

Winners of the Saut Hermès