Summit Will Be Held to High Standard by Famed Behaviorist Temple Grandin


By Steven Long

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A group of livestock breeders and breeder wannabes who would build a legal abattoir in Wyoming for horses will face stringent guidelines for their proposed facility set by one of their speakers, the famed animal behaviorist Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University. She outlined her speech to the group in an exclusive interview with Horseback Online.

United Horsemen, a newly formed pro horse slaughter organization is promoting a commercial facility in Wyoming where lawmakers have passed enabling legislation which would permit its construction and operation. The structure of the legislation makes the likelihood of commercial viability for such a facility a long shot at best.

The Rocky Mountain based scientist is known for her courageous triumph over autism, and for a system she invented which enables food processors to send animals to their deaths without panic by tricking them into a feeling of well being until the final moment of their lives.

Grandin will speak at the Summit of the Horse, presented by United Horsemen, an ad hock group led by Wyoming State Representative Sue Wallis and an Oregon horse trainer, Dave Duquette.

Her appearance has drawn both criticism and support from readers commenting on stories at Horseback Online. In a note last week to organizers, Grandin asked that her name not be used in pre-event publicity.

 The “summit” has provoked howls of protest from coast to coast from animal advocates opposed to horse slaughter.

“They kind of were misrepresenting my involvement,” she told Horseback. “The whole thing is so controversial I just wanted to pull back from it.”

Other public figures who organizers are promoting to speak include Bob Abbey, director of the Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency charged with protecting the nation’ s wild hor

ses. The BLM has a stated policy of not sending captured horses to slaughter, however, reports persist that wild horses are killed for their meat. Wild horse advocates question why the highly placed official is speaking at what has been dubbed “The Slaughter Summit.”

Grandin will tell her audience she will support construction of domestic horse slaughter facilities if they meet three strict criteria during it operation.

The facility must have video monitoring by independent observers 24/7 of the process; must score between 95 and 99 percent instant kill rate with the “first shot” to the animal, and have “management that cares about what they are doing.”

Callous treatment of horses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico during the pre-killing process and in the “kill box” has been repeatedly documented with video evidence shot at slaughterhouses prompting a growing movement that would ban all horse slaughter worldwide.

Tightened regulations requiring chemical free food animals has all but eliminated American horses legally going to slaughter because of the routine use of drugs such as bute and wormers. However, tens of thousands of horses are shipped across the porous U.S. borders using falsified documents showing animals to be drug free. Innocent consumers are eating horse meat tainted with known carcinogens.

It is illegal in the United States to sell animal meat for food that has been contaminated for food. Tests administered by the United States Department of Agriculture do not examine tissue where residues of bute or wormer would be found and critics charge this has been done on purpose.

In a recently passed law, the federal Food and Drug Administration has been given vast powers over the nation’s food supply and is expected to stringently test meat of all kinds, including horsemeat, for banned chemicals such as bute.

Grandin says she is aware slaughterhouses clean up for inspections. As a globally recognized authority on animal slaughter she is critical of operations that perform their grisly work to perfection when she is present, “then go back to their bad behavior when I leave and my back is turned.”

That is why she is now requiring video monitoring by offsite observers of slaughter operations where she or her system in involved.

But Grandin is also critical of animal activists who are quick to criticize animal agriculture but don’t offer solutions to the problem of the excess horses that feed the markets.

“I ask them, how you are going to solve that problem,” she said. “They don’t have any solutions.”

Horseback countered that much of the over breeding problem both she and activists describe is caused by backyard breeders and others.

“They need to be doing a lot of work on excess breeding,” she said of the activists who are critical of animal agriculture. “They need to work with church groups to bring pressure. I don’t see a lot of effective control of breeding.”

Grandin said there has been an overabundance of attention to horses going to slaughter to supply Europe’s hunger for the lean horsemeat.

“The EU is only half the horse market,” she said. “The ones that go to Mexico are the real horror story. They don’t use a .22 or the captive bolt gun. In the municipal slaughterhouses there, they stab them in the neck.”

The captive bolt gun, is a device that drives a bolt into the skull of an animal stuns, and in some cases kills. The body is then hoisted into the air to drain the blood.

Grandin says it is a myth that the blooding must be done while the animal is alive.

She said there is no culinary reason for the horse to be alive when the bleeding takes place.

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  1. jessica
    January 3, 2011 at 6:23 am

    gee, here’s one solution:

    Feeding horsemeat to prisoners (one of Wallis’ proposed markets) is the easy way out. But then, why should that be surprising in this era of $$$ driven, quick-fix remedies?

  2. Sandy Parks
    December 30, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Isn’t this the event that Waddie Mitchell’s doing? Him and some girl? I thought Waddie was a true cowboy. A true cowboy would never let his horse be slaughtered. I don’t know anything about the girl that’s singing there.

  3. Anne-Marie
    December 30, 2010 at 4:32 am

    I am very disappointed in Temple Grandin, after all what horses have done and doing for Autistic kids/people. they are NOT meat animals!! Why doesn’t she just go into a slaughter house and stand there and observe the gruesome horror and panic stricken fear the poor animals must endure……and being hacked to pieces alive! She must really need that “blood money”!!

  4. windgust
    December 29, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    I can only hope our input reached some ears. When $$$ is the key factor in making propaganda such as in horse slaughter… it is imperative that new legislation is passed to fight such outrageous agendas. Temple Grandin seems to be aware of plenty of solutions and could very well impose the seed for change. Stop overbreeding.
    Simple. I would think she has plenty of connections to make such an impact. If church groups were influential in stopping self-appointed slaughter prophets such as Wallis… well,this battle to protect the horses is God’s battle, but we are to be motivators for others to come out of their apathy. In the fight for animal justice we will be persecuted by the evil forces in this world…fortunately, we are on the winning team…..victory is on the move and on the way for a final showdown…our job is to stay on the front lines and hold back the progress of evil until God chooses the moment to put this wickedness to a full end. We are
    living next door to an evil presence….and the law never defends the innocent…only the guilty. So if Dr. Grandin thinks church groups would help, I am delighted to see that we have people in the nation that understand we are not permitted by God to destroy, harrass, injure or abuse that which He has lovingly created from His hand and breath… or is it not, Dr. Grandin ?
    We all have an obligation to love and protect these beautiful creatures and to respect that they are a blessing from God exclusive to America. We can bring this project to success it just takes ingenuity, and the will to do what is pure in motive and conscience.
    We cannot allow propaganda and money driven agendas to win, what happens to these horses will demonstrate to the world the beauty or the flaws of the nation’s character. Moreover, America is a nation that pledges her trust in God….prove your love for the Governor of All Nations by respecting the creatures that are formed in His hand and breath. With that said, Temple Grandin, please make the first step in sending this gospel to the world. Maybe then, church groups who are all in the dark on the callous horse slaughter industry and the TRUTH, would wake up and join.

    From: Cheryl.Miller@ColoState.EDU
    Sent: 12/15/2010 10:21:58 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
    Subj: RE: The latest

    Monika – I guarantee you that Temple reads everything you and others have sent her way. She is preparing a presentation using comments from items you have graciously provided for her. Temple is a very strong minded person and is very capable of handling things like this. Thank you very much for your concern Monika. It is appreciated.

    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 9:37 PM
    To: Miller,Cheryl
    Subject: Re: The latest

    Thanks Cheryl. I do hope she reads these. I met R.T. Fitch in Montana during a round up, and he is a very decent, intelligent and good-hearted man, author of great books and advocate for horses.
    I just feel that the dark side of Wallis needs to be exposed, which he is doing. Most horse folks don’t know her, as her propaganda is very deceptive.
    With that in mind, I hope Temple will not fall for it.


    In a message dated 12/15/2010 9:15:30 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, Cheryl.Miller@ColoState.EDU writes:
    Hi Monika – I am passing these all onto Temple. She is very open minded on all of this … just so you know. We appreciate this information!!

    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 6:48 PM
    To: Miller,Cheryl
    Subject: The latest

    Click here: Wallis/Duquette Press Perversity to the Limit « Straight from the Horse’s Heart

    Hi Cheryl,
    Please read Wallis’ latest stunt. It is deplorable as most Americans oppose this vehemently. I am wondering if she is using Temple’s name to gain credibility in her obsession.

  5. windgust
    December 29, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    I am disappointed, as I and I know many others sent ideas on alternatives and solutions. It’s a simple fact that the most effective measure to end the overflow of horses ending up in auctions would be to stop overbreeding. In Europe breeding is regulated. America is in the stone age.
    I sent emails to Temple with ideas and solutions. For her to say we do not come up with any solutions, is very disappointing, as I was told, she is looking for input. There are plenty of solutions, they just need to find supporters. Grandin could be shifting her focus on them instead of slaughter.

    In a message dated 11/21/2010 8:37:12 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, Cheryl.Miller@ColoState.EDU writes:
    Monika – All of the information you sent and information I have found has been given to Temple for her presentation in Las Vegas. She is currently out of town and returns on Thanksgiving Day.

    Thank you Monika.

    From: []
    Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2010 8:21 PM
    To: Miller,Cheryl
    Subject: Re: Temple Grandin’s contact

    Hi Cheryl,

    Were you able to share the info I sent with Temple ? Two years ago I helped a woman here in Evergreen, who launched an amazing program to help horse owners who could not keep their horse or had trouble because of the oncoming economic downfall.
    She wanted a solution different than for those animals to end up in a feed lot or killer buyer auction block and meet a journey to hell in Mexico or Canada. (or if Wallis succeeds, by God I hope not, here in America again).
    So she started this project Colorado Horse Food Bank. I am sending you this info, because it is another solution that could go nationwide – if pursued with serious devotion. And it is much more appealing, satisfying and positive than the promoting of slaughter such as Wallis does, when she in fact has nothing but monetary exploitation in mind. The selling of flowers has brought help to many horse owners here in my equine state, to keep their horses. And it allows horse lovers to participate in a meaningful solution that creates assistance and support, brings people together and mostly: prevents the very fate that these horses never should have to face in this country. We do not eat our pets, and to most horse people, their horses are their pets. This organization now holds yearly fundraiser banquets, sells flowers to hundreds of people in Denver each year, who enjoy buying them from us instead of the Home Depot or Walmart…. and it creates positive CHANGE for the horses, not the industry mogul promoters aka Sue Wallis. (Can you tell, I am not a fan !?)

    I hope you will share this with Temple too. Here is also a link to the Hay Food bank. Juliana’s goal is to go nationwide with this. Since this article on the foodbank, another has started in ILL.

    Then here an article on the Arizona Dept of Agriculture’s Equine Rescue Registry –
    Now that could also be implemented in other states. Most Americans do not endorse horse slaughter. I believe that energy could be better spent on projects such as above. Maybe Temple could use this information, I hope.

    Hi everyone !
    In this little greenhouse we plant …love…and a promise to help.
    Greetings to all, Monika Courtney
    This is our latest project to help horses “stay home”-
    If you enjoy beautiful hanging baskets and pots, please consider getting them from us.
    We help struggling horse owners keep their animals in these hard times.
    Also, check out our FLOWER POWER flyer –
    THANKS !!


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    I will be placing orders for bedding plants soon so I need to know what people would like to order. They won’t be delivered until you are ready! I can get most perennials and annuals so give me a call or email me.
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    Where else can you plant a garden with the advantage of a tax write off?!
    Call Juliana (303)-670-6762

    In a message dated 11/12/2010 6:02:39 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, Cheryl.Miller@ColoState.EDU writes:
    Monika – Wonderful! This is exactly the type of information Temple is looking for! I will see that she receives this Sunday when she returns! You have given her great information and statistics. Thanks Monika and have a great weekend!

    From: []
    Sent: Friday, November 12, 2010 5:27 PM
    To: Miller,Cheryl
    Subject: Re: Temple Grandin’s contact

    Hi Cheryl, Hi Temple,

    Thank you for asking me for my input. Please note the following facts and studies on Horse slaughter trends from 2006 – 2009.

    It clearly shows how fast the overall slaughter of American horses resumed after the plants in the US closed. With this, it is absolutely impossible to logically infer any of the current problems of the horse industry to slaughter.

    Now please see these graphs.

    The first shows that there is no relationship between changes in slaughter rates and changes in the number of abuse and neglect cases in Illinois. In fact, the little correlation there is tells us that we got more cases with more slaughter, but in truth the relationship is random.


    But this graph tells it all. This shows that when unemployment rose, so did neglect.

    I hope this helps. I appreciate your interest and hope Temple will look at this.
    Thank you.

    In a message dated 11/10/2010 3:47:58 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, writes:
    Monika –
    Temple will indeed be presenting at the meeting in Las Vegas in January.
    Temple was asked to do design work for Sue Wallis. As of this date, no design work has been done. That is the extent of her involvement with Sue Wallis. Just because Temple is attending this meeting, does not mean that she agrees with everything. Temple is a free thinking individual.
    Temple is in the process of working on her presentation for the meeting. She is compiling information from various groups and would sincerely appreciate your thoughts on the following:
    What are your concrete solutions for dealing with unwanted horses?
    What are your feelings about sending unwanted horses to Mexico?
    What do you think should be done with abandoned horses?

    Temple is open to suggestions and would sincerely appreciate your responses to the above questions. She is presenting these ideas at the meeting and would sincerely appreciate your input Monika.
    Thank you.

    Cheryl Miller
    Assistant to Temple Grandin

  6. admin
    December 29, 2010 at 6:30 am

    During our interview Dr. Grandin made it a point several times to state that even though the horse is dead the heart will continue to beat until all oxygen is gone.

    The Editor

  7. Jessica
    December 29, 2010 at 6:16 am

    Temple has really outdone herself this time, and not in a good way by any means. The fact that she states horses do not have to be alive in order to be bled out is a complete farce, reminiscent of the perjury committed by Bonnie Beaver on this subject in her congressional testimony. It is common medical knowledge that if respiratory and heart rates are still present, that being (whether animal or human) is still alive, just unconscious.

    As far as her statement regarding the so-called lack of effort on the part of horse slaughter opponents to offer feasible alternative solutions and an end to over breeding, I am so angry I won’t even begin to go there.

  8. December 29, 2010 at 1:42 am

    Very simply put,Horses and ALL animals should not be on ANY dinner plate-Go VEG- and STOP THE PAIN AND SLAUGHTERING of innocent lives that suffer pain just as we humans do! I have adored horses all my life and know how wonderful and sensitive they are- there should be NO HORSE Slaughter-AND ONLY HUMANE EUTHANASIA when necessary! Thank You EVERYONE who is supporting the horses and their plight!

  9. Annie Mond
    December 29, 2010 at 1:18 am

    I believe I remember reading the statement or hearing with my ears that the reason the Mexicans like the heart to be beating when they bleed the horse out is that the blood leaves the body more quickly that way. It’s all about economics, and nothing about culinary issues. Either way, it’s still really sick.

  10. Allison
    December 28, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    Just reading Dr. Grandin’s essays on equine behaviour goes to show what an amateur she is. Horses are nothing like cattle, they do more than rear when they are frightened. She needs to stick to cows.

  11. Barb3000
    December 28, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    This past summer I sent copies of the Video from the horse slaughter plants in Canada copied onto CD’s along with a copy of
    the toxicology report by researchers, Dodmam, Blondeau and Marini about the usage of phenylbutazone (Bute) with horses bought for slaughter to all members of Senate Judicial Committee and to the House members along with a cover letter explaining what was on the CD’s and in the report. I got no response back except from Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He explained to me that he would not vote yes on the bill S.727 because it would remove a owners right to sell their property.

    He went on to say that a horse owner should be able to do with their property as they see fit. So you can see by this Senator’s answer to horse slaughter that politicians like him don’t think there is a problem. And politicians like this man and plenty of others feel the same way. As far as I can find out in the state of Texas there is only a small number of state reps or senators that ever signed on to cosponsor any of the anti-slaughter bills. People like Cornyn is the reason the past anti-slaughter bills and H.R.503/S727 were never passed and I doubt they will ever allow any bill to be passed. The horse breeders have deep pockets and they pay off who will do them the most good. The only way to stop this is for the Canadian and Mexican governments to crack down on the falsification of the paperwork submitted by the killer buyer to the slaughter plant which starts with the seller of the horse/horses at the auction or private sale. It’s too easy for the KB’s and the previous owners to get away with fraud.

    • blueprints
      December 29, 2010 at 11:08 pm

      It could be very beneficial to link Senator John Cornyn with advocating known carcinogenic horse meat to sold to foreign consumers though. I’m pretty sure that no politician wants these types of ads to come up on google when you do a search for his/her name. It is not slander if you have proof.

      • blueprints
        December 29, 2010 at 11:09 pm

        Or Temple Grandin for that matter. Nope, that would be bad for her no matter how much cattle money she’s receiving …

  12. Jennifer
    December 28, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    The solution… why do we need a solution Temple.. quit over breeding….. and if even you are into killing wild horses for meat to sell over seas and calling it humane is a disgusting thought… it is revolting at all levels to even be having these discussion in 2010.. let’s grow up as a nation and stop killing…..

  13. December 28, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    I too am disappointed in Ms Grandin’s apparent lack of understanding of horses, both physically and mentally, as well as her seeming lack of knowledge of advocates and what they are doing about the so called “unwanted” horse problem.

    First, as has already been pointed out, horses are NOT cows. Their brains are recessed and must be shot from an entirely different angle than cattle. As we saw on the tapes of the Canadian facilities, the “kill box” designed for cattle actually makes it impossible to fire a shot from the correct angle to even begin to stun a horse. It has also been pointed out that the non-invasive captive bolt is not of sufficient length to properly stun a horse. Numerous shots – not the ONE specified in the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 – are the NORM rather than the exception.

    Even the AVMA statement that the captive bolt is a humane way to kill a horse actually read: The captive bolt CAN (emphasis added) be humane IF proper HEAD RESTRAINT is used and the operator is PROPERLY TRAINED. This is a million miles from a blanket statement that the captive bold IS humane for horses. It is not, and cannot be made so by observation cameras or anything else.

    I’m not even going to go into the horror of transportation, because everyone already knows what it’s like, whether they CARE of not.

    As for activists not offering any solutions, all I can say is, where has Ms Grandin been living that she doesn’t know what we have been saying for over 30 years? Vets should be more proactive in educating their clients about what to expect at the end of their horse’s life. They should be ready to help their clients with the best way to handle the body in their area. Seems to me that the educational aspect is a big part in a horse vet’s responsibility to their clients – both equine and human.

    As for the over breeding problem – and it IS the most important part of reducing the number of excess horses – she suggests, “They need to work with church groups to bring pressure. I don’t see a lot of effective control of breeding.” She must be kidding. Church groups bring pressure to bear on the AQHA, the Jockey Club and the Arabian Association? They don’t care what church groups think just like they don’t care what WE think. There is no way advocates can do anything significant to stop these huge, rich breed associations from breeding for slaughter except get slaughter outlawed. As long as slaughter is available, they will breed for it, period.

    And then there IS the fact that American horses are NOT fit for human consumption, and no amount of ignoring the problem will make it go away. Ms Grandin doesn’t address this at all. Does she intend to keep her head stuck in the sand like everyone else does regarding what may be the most insurmountable objection of all?

    • Alpha Mare
      December 29, 2010 at 8:33 am

      I know. “Church groups”? Maybe in some small towns, a few backyard breeders can be shamed. Sorry, Dr. Grandin, church groups will have no effect on WILLFUL overbreeders: the groups Suzanne mentioned. They offer cash rewards for overbreeding! Subsidies that come from government Agricultural coffers, in turn funded by the slaughter industry.

      You have to stop slaughter to slow down overbreeding. It will never, I repeat, never, happen the other way around. When there is nowhere for greedy and irresponsible breeders to profitably dump horses, overbreeding will slow down.

      We know millions of cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters annually. Just imagine the numbers if greedy breeders were handed $500 every time they dumped a dog. In the billions.

  14. December 28, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    When you have autism you have to be taught to feel what other people and creatures are feeling, so how can she know the terror that a horse or any other animal feels? You also have to be taught how to respond to other people appropriately, so she is not feeling anything she is saying or doing, she can only feel what happens to her………so now that the facts of autism are out how can she state she can not have a horse feel the terror? the only solution is horses are pets not livestock, and they should be euthaized just like a dog or cat not gassed not run over but given a barbituate overdose that is a good death. NO PAIN NO TERROR NO SMELL OR HEARING OF DEATH creamation does not polute rivers or land fills.

  15. Loni
    December 28, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Ms. Grandin says that equine advocates can’t offer solutions?
    That’s an outright fabrication. Advocates have long been supporters of low cost euthanasia, gelding clinics and the use of monies collected from horse racing that could be used to assist rescues.
    But yes, it is also overbreeding and purpose breeding for slaughter. Simone Netherlands from Respect4horses recently penned an essay that showed how breed associations promote cash rewards for breeding and how governments give tax breaks to “livestock” farmers. In my opinion horses are not livetock. They are and always have been, a companion animal and a tireless worker for mankind.
    It is a priviledge to have a horse in one’s life IF ONE CAN AFFORD IT.
    Anyway, no matter what Grandin or other “experts” say assembly line killing of horses will never work, cameras, no cameras, whatever.
    The very nature of serial killing like this renders the killers insensitive to the needs of the animals and it becomes kill ’em quick or if they’re not dead, well, shucks, string ’em up anyway and start cutting them up.
    We saw that repeatedly at Bouvry and at Richelieu.
    Just my two cents, folks.

    • Alpha Mare
      December 29, 2010 at 8:42 am

      Exactly, Loni. Re: the cameras. Who will they hire to watch these cameras? I wouldn’t trust the humanity of anyone who could do such a job every day. Simply watching a few hours of horse slaughter video is enough to make you want to tear your eyes out. You can feel the horses’ terror and agony. Who could coldly watch horse after horse reach their noses out for comfort and connection—to the person about to slaughter them?

      Given the sensitive, emotional, and fearful nature of the horse, “humane” assembly line slaughter is impossible. As for the captive bolt gun, a recent study at Hanover University proved it stuns for only 30 seconds, after which horses’ heart and respiration rates go over the moon. They had their legs amputated and bellies slit while fully conscious. The bolt only added an excruciating headache to add to their agony.

  16. December 28, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I personally am against all forms of horse slaughter. There is no humane way to put a horse down besides euthanzia. Non-Invasive Captive Bolts only knock a horse unconscious because their brain sits to far back in their skull. Slaughtering then is taking place with the horses actually coming to. Horses cannot have their heads restrained for this procedure without causing panic. Try holding your horses head still with a gun between it’s eyes. This then causes repeated hits being performed. Invasive Captive Bolts have not been used for some time because of fear of brain matter in the blood stream. Anyone that is for this please do your research, it will change your mind. The BLM is after our Wild Mustangs and they are being sent to slaughter so that private ranchers can profit with raising cattle. The Horse Summit and Sue Wallis had the nerve to try to write Horse Rescues for unwanted horses so that her private interests would benefit. It’s time for all horses lovers against this to unite and confront those responsible.

  17. TerryW
    December 28, 2010 at 8:53 am

    I had another comment to add to the following concern by Grandin:

    But Grandin is also critical of animal activists who are quick to criticize animal agriculture but don’t offer solutions to the problem of the excess horses that feed the markets.

    According to the FDA: – 12-02-2005 – Text Version

    Excerpt –

    2.9 Profile of Horse Producers


    In 1995, 106,200 head of equine were slaughtered at federally inspected plants (USDA, 1996). Horse slaughtering has been decreasing in the U.S. due to public outrage over horse slaughtering and foreign embargoes on the imports of U.S. horse meat. The 1995 figures represent a decrease of more than 50 percent from a total slaughter of approximately 244,000 equine in 1992 (Bauer, 1993).

    – – What this shows is, during a time when we had very few horse rescues and no networking on the internet, and a rather large drop of horses slaughtered (due to the closure of many horse slaughterhouses) so that in a short period of time we were slaughtering 137,800 LESS horses annually. Where did all those horses go? No rise in neglect cases, no rise in abandonment, just absorbed back into the horse industry/community. 137,800 horses for sale weren’t being sold to killer buyers. Isn’t that about the total number of US horses we’re currently slaughtering in Mexico and Canada annually since all the US horse slaughterhouses closed?

    How can anyone say 137,800 horses now wouldn’t be absorbed by the horse community? It’s happened before. Saying those 137,800 horses that would normally have been slaughtered were “unwanted” wasn’t exactly correct then was it?

    The problem we have now is the economy with so many not able to afford their horses right now. Slaughter isn’t the solution to this problem, just ask the people who can’t afford to keep their horses right now. Does anyone honestly believe these horse owners that have hit hard times would want their horses to go to slaughterhouses?

    These people spending $300 – $400 going to this Slaughter Summit could actually benefit the horse situation today by donating that money instead to the horse rescues that are actually doing something to help out horses in these terrible economic times, instead of plotting and planning ways to kill them for profit. Sue could raffle off that truck and donate the money to help horses in need, but that isn’t what this is really about, is it?

    • Bossmare
      December 31, 2010 at 12:53 am

      Sue can’t raffle off that truck. It doesn’t exist. They couldn’t afford to buy it and want the buyers of said tickets to said truck to just “donate” the money to them.

  18. December 28, 2010 at 7:52 am

    Temple Grandin said. “they kind of were misrepresenting my involvement.” Well, if that is so, then Ms. Grandin should have showed some scruples and backed out! Because by not doing so, she is saying to the world she APPROVES the gruesome horrible slaughter of horses.
    And what the Hell is THIS crap all about> on their way in line to be KILLED, Grandin will have the horse killers use a system “THAT TRICKS THE HORSE INTO A FEELING OF WELL-BEING UNTIL THE FINAL MOMENT OF THEIR LIVES.” …..Until the final moment of their lives…Until the final moment of their lives….UNTIL..UNTIL!!!!
    She may as well go on and say that AT THOSE LAST FINAL MOMENTS the helpless terrified horse will endure the MOST HORRIBLE INHUMANE DEGRADATION AND PAIN ANYONE, LET ALONE A HORSE, COULD IMAGINE.
    I’m happy Temple Grandin can manage her autism, and so has done well in her life. But that doesn’t make her special by a long shot. And maybe she knows a lot about slaughtering cows and other animals, oh Hell, maybe she is an authority on it…..but apparently she DOES NOT know as much about horses as she’d like people to think. Horses are NOT like cows and other food animals, they have a whole different nervous system.AND THEY ARE NOT FOOD ANIMALS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
    I am actually ASHAMED of Temple Grandin now. As far as I’m concerned she has shown her true colors. She is as greedy for the blood money from hideously killed horses as the other Summit patrons are. She is no better than they are.

    • Ronnie
      December 28, 2010 at 5:39 pm

      Susie, Temple Grandin DOES approve of horse slaughter. Try a Google search and be shocked. For one, she believes the helicopter round-ups are humane, ’cause she watched one. According to Grandin: The horses were gentled into the chute…no horse was pressured. “Time was taken to allow colts and fillies to join up with the rest of the herd…they were never moved at a dead run…” The helicopter never got too close! Oh really!? Photos show the helicopter “playing,” torturing the horses, actually touching the horse! Also, once in BLM hands, Grandin states the horses are gently cared for. See link: Grandin, also believes transport is such a “problem” because of “aggressive” horses. That time should be taken to sort and gentle the horses before loading. Her perspective on horse slaughter: The aforementioned said, Temple Grandin does take note that improvements need to be made across the board in all relating to horse slaughter: round-ups, transport, the kill… However, this IS black and white. One is either pro or anti-horse slaughter. TEMPLE GRANDIN IS PRO-HORSE SLAUGHTER AND BASICALLY THINKS ALL OK, EVEN THE BLM! No one was “misrepresenting” her involvement at the Summit. Not having her name in publicity for the Summit does not take away she is all for the Summit. She cannot have it both ways. In my estimation, she is now so aware of the huge controversy, that she is caught in a bind. Needs to try and “save face.” Well, it won’t work. If she is “uncomfortable” in any way>>>BACK OUT! This is the honorable action to take. (Hope the above web links go through.)

      • December 29, 2010 at 7:56 am

        Ronnie: Thank you so much for those links on Temple Grandin. I had never seen them before. Yall ought to read them, too.

  19. TerryW
    December 28, 2010 at 6:32 am

    Temple Grandin is to be commended for doing the work she does, she works to make slaughter less traumatic for all animals and in a world that is going to slaughter and eat animals people like Grandin are needed for the animals’ sakes.

    Imagine what she’s had to witness over decades. But even she can’t stop the abuses, cruelties, and in many cases torture, our food animals are required to endure due to the greed and lack of professionalism of the animal agriculture industry. An industry that really has no standards for the treatment of the animals they make their livings off of. Which is why Grandin is now calling for 24/7 video monitoring. How embarrassing for the industry that it hasn’t been able to raise itself to any higher standards, even though it’s had 100 years to do so, that a baby monitor is needed to watch over them. A Nanny Cam if you will.

    But banning horse slaughter isn’t just about what happens inside the slaughterhouse, it’s what these horses have to endure before even getting to the slaughterhouse. And that’s a long list of abuse, cruelty, and terror beginning at these auctions, continuing during transport, and ending at the slaughterhouse. No need to go into all of those details here, it’s all available all over the internet already and most of us reading this already know.

    Imagine a company that makes & sells TV’s treating it’s TV’s in the way the agriculture industry treats it’s animals before they get to the store shelves. Those TV’s wouldn’t be in the greatest shape. So why is it we treat non-living things such as TV’s with so much care, from the parts they’re made with, to putting the parts together, to warehousing and shipping…. than we do the living beings that are ultimately going to be the food on your table? The electronics industry doesn’t beat, kick, stomp, electrocute, stab, drag, throw, overload in shipping, stack large items on top of small items, their products because if they did they wouldn’t be in business very long. No industry that I can think of treats it’s products with such physical abuse prior to marketing, other than the animal agriculture industry.

    So if these people think that making a more humane slaughterhouse is the answer to the problem, or might even pacify the activists, they’re of course very wrong.

    And it’s the same with the BLM. There are methods of capturing wild horses and burros that are humane and not nearly as traumatic and dangerous as being chased for miles by helicopters and rammed into small pens then whipped and crammed into tractor-trailers who then drive over 50 mph on winding dirt roads. But those methods take a little more time, care, and expertise than the good ol’ boy helicopter cowboying roundups. They also take compassion, something neither the BLM nor the animal agriculture industry have.

  20. December 28, 2010 at 6:21 am

    As Dave Duquette trains Quarter Horses, and this breed is one of the most overbred in the US, I wonder how Temple will address this issue,,,,,,,,she does admit that breeding is one of the problems with “too many horses”. Doubt that she will be forthcoming and direct about this,,,,,,,,maybe Dave will have his muzzle on? Her plan to off-site video is worthwhile,if actually sees the daylight,,,,,,,lack of accountability is one of main areas of concern with BLM, who are also on the program.

  21. December 28, 2010 at 6:21 am

    Kudos to Ms. Grandin for acknowledging the drugs in US horses that make them ineligible for human consumption and the feasibility of a slaughter plant slim to none.

    Wallis and Duquette are the king and queen of twisting and spinning the truth and Ms. Grandin has now seen it firsthand by misrepresenting her involvement.

    I question how the advocates could possibly work with the breeders that ensure there are excess horses every year when they refuse to take responsibility for bringing horses into the population without a second thought of caring for them. The people that need to work with them are the Wallis’ and Duquette’s of the world. By supporting the drivers of slaughter, they are encouraging them not to change their behavior.

    There are many alternatives to slaughter but the slaughter supporters refuse to acknowledge or discuss them. If the answer isn’t slaughter, they don’t want to hear it. The simple truth is they want to be paid to dump their horses and regardless of how much the horse has earned for them, they don’t want to pay to provide a humane death. As long as slaughter is available, they will continue to feed the slaughter pipeline.

    And thank you Horseback for setting the record straight.

    • wendell w. stockdale
      December 28, 2010 at 7:05 pm

      I have an idea and of course people will say it’s big brother again but should be done. I feel we should find some way to pass legislation on the breeders of all kinds to include Rodeo Stock Contractors as well as the backyard breeders. The State Govt’s should be able to somehow maintain records of all Equine owners and these owners should maintain their own records on their breeding practices so as not to have excess on their farms or ranches. Just a Thought.

      • D. Masters
        December 28, 2010 at 11:07 pm

        Well, heck…we can do it for dead things like houses and cars! I don’t think equines would be so tough.

        Here’s the rub…the overbreeders, killers and dumpers (and those associated with same with very fancy names and lobbying offices in D.C.) go berserk at the thought of documenting and accountability.

    • Laura Houston
      January 1, 2011 at 3:02 pm

      You are so right..the large horse breeding ranches produce 500,000 foals every year (or more!)

      Why the hell can’t the big horse breeding ranches STOP breeding so many horses!!Every single one of the large quarterhorse breeders each breed 100s of foals every year!

      The large horse breeding ranches are the only people feeding the horse slaughter pipeline.

  22. Bonnie Kohleriter
    December 28, 2010 at 6:15 am

    Temple Grandin’s interview highlights the even greater need for Americans and Congress to pass a slaughter bill that prohibits the transport of horses across country lines for the purpose of slaughter. Slaughter will not reduce irresponsible breeding; in fact, it will most likely increase it. Education, laws developed and implemented where egregious overbreeding is occurring, euthanasia facilities close to the home of the horse, expanded use and accessibility of pzp, ovarectomies, and geldings, and expansion of safe sanctuaries are solutions for unwanted horses.

    • SAM
      December 30, 2010 at 5:10 pm

      ~Amen!~ You said it…
      And, as long as there are Slaughter-holes, federal or not,,there will be overbreeding problems. WHY don,t they focus on that point, instead of a suffering, cruel, death. NOT the Horse,s Fault! and they don,t deserve that, sick or not. Horses are horses, not cattle, they should not be in the food-chain, anyways.period.We all know that, come on…! Why don,t they? $$$ is blinging in their eyes and caring is out of their hearts..

    • Laura Houston
      January 1, 2011 at 2:58 pm

      I admire Temple Grandin her work on uncovering her ‘huggiebox’ and how using a cattle squeeze shute to evoke the mammalian responce calms her. This does work with cattle aswell but NOT Horses, horses are scared of strange horses, they kick and bite strange horses and panic with ‘huggiebox’ handeling.

      I also feel sorry for Temple Grandin, her disability doesn’t seem to allow her to have empathy for HUMANS.

      I do NOT understand why Temple Grandin who even speak or work with anyone who wants to kill horses for meat. Temple Grandin can’t you understand that the horse slaughter end of life for horses is just has horrible to millions of if you wanted to have our pet dogs and cats skinned for coats or sent to other countries as meat??
      Why do you want to make millions of humans so sad over horse slaughter…can’t you please try to use empathy for humans?

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