Brian Moggre and MTM Ace of Spades Ride Away with $50,000 Grand Prix Victory at Lamplight Equestrian Center

Brian Moggre Wins WIHS Equitation at Chicago Festival of the Horse

Wayne, Ill. – August 13, 2016 – The joy that overcame 15-year-old Brian Moggre upon hearing his name announced as the victor of the Rider’s Boutique $50,000 Grand Prix was undeniable and visible to every spectator in the stands at the Lamplight Equestrian Center on Saturday. With his arms wrapped around MTM Ace of Spades’ neck, Moggre entered the ring to receive his award and take the ceremonious victory lap in the SmartPak Grand Prix arena after topping a seven-horse jump-off during the Chicago Festival of the Horse.

MTM Farm had five horse-and-rider combinations entered in the week’s highly anticipated class, three of which made the speed round.

Brian Moggre and MTM Ace of Spades

“It’s nerve-wrecking,” Moggre explained about competing against professionals. “Especially, because I’m competing against Dorothy [Douglas] and Tracy [Fenney], and we’re all from the same farm. When Tracy went in, I knew she was going to light it up and I got nervous. Dorothy went before me, and I told myself I really needed to kick it into gear if I wanted to beat her. Tracy was only fractions of a second behind me. I still can’t believe I won. I’m so happy.”

Although seven riders qualified for the jump-off of the featured class, only five had double-clear efforts.

“The course was pretty difficult, especially going into the first line,” Moggre said about the Steve Stephens-designed course. “It was tough, a wake up call for sure. It was pretty technical with some big jumps. It was definitely one of the biggest I’ve done. MTM Ace of Spades was really good and I trusted that he would be on his game if I was on mine. After we went, I just waited in hopes that we did enough to win.”

Brian Moggre and MTM Ace of Spades

Moggre, a Texas native, entered the field after Douglas earned the first double-clear round of the jump-off aboard S&L Elite, setting the time to beat at 38.779 seconds, which would eventually hold up for fifth place. He was determined to outrun the professional and did so, tripping the timers at 36.070 seconds in a faultless effort aboard MTM Ace of Spades. However, he was only the third rider to go and was forced to watch four professionals challenge his speed round.

Fenney was one of those challengers. The MTM Farm co-owner and trainer took home third place aboard MTM Como No in a time of 37.793 seconds, while Richard Cheska and Quick Tempo earned the fourth spot on the leaderboard with a time of 37.808 seconds.

Nearly catching the speedy youngster was Douglas Boyd and Berkley III. The duo fell a hair short, settling for the second place ribbon with a time of 36.867 seconds in a faultless effort.

“The first round he was very good, I just wanted to stick to my plan and be as smooth as possible,” Boyd shared. “He’s always really good in the combinations. He’s a careful jumper. He’s new at this and each time in the ring, he gets smarter and smarter. Today, I could actually go for it a bit and he’s starting to get it, we’re excited. We’re just thrilled with him.”

Douglas Boyd and Berkley III

Moggre, a first-generation equestrian, called his No. 1 fan upon learning that his time went unbeaten.

“I Facetime’d my mom as soon as I won, and she couldn’t believe it,” he laughed. “It was neat. My mother is all out. She is always telling me, ‘Go! Jump the jumps! Get it together and go win!’ I have to tell her to take it down a few notches sometimes. My dad is so supportive. He just wants me to have fun. My mom does, too, but she has a more competitive side to her. That’s where I get it from, I think.”

“Having the MTM team behind me is amazing,” Moggre added. “They’re all so supportive and so nice. It’s great to know that I have so many people that wish for my success, just as much as their own. I couldn’t be happier to be in the same class as them. All three of us had a horse in the jump off and that just felt really good.”

Brian Moggre and MTM Ace of Spades

Both Moggre and Boyd has seen their fair share of successes at Lamplight Equestrian Center.

“Lamplight is local for us and we love coming here,” said Boyd. “I’ve been coming here since I was a child, so longer than a while. We just really like it here. We like the grounds and Nina Moore has put a lot of effort into making the facility better. We like her horse shows.”

As the evening concluded, Douglas returned to the ring and was awarded the Kastel Denmark Style of Riding Award for her exceptional American style of riding and sportsmanship to which she exclaimed, “I like riding well and looking good!”

The final week of the Chicago Festival of the Horse will conclude on Sunday, August 14 with the final jumper class being the $7,500 Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior/ Amateur-Owner Classic. For more information on the Lamplight Equestrian Center’s Chicago Festival of the Horse Equifest show series, please visit

1    MTM Ace of Spades    Brian Moggre     0    63.885    0    36.070
2    Berkley III         Douglas Boyd    0    64.207    0    36.867
3    MTM Como No            Tracy Fenney    0     66.369    0    37.793
4    Quick Tempo            Richard Cheska    0    65.225    0    37.808
5    S&L Elite            Dorothy Douglas    0    64.523    0    38.779
6    Alonso Du Monselet    Richard Cheska    0    64.359    0    42.264
7    Bachelor 4            Freddie Vasquez    0    63.949    0    55.904
8    Dulf Van Den Bisschop    Gia Rinaldi    4    61.980
9    Emir D                Shannon Hicks    4    63.178
10    Thalys Z            Gia Rinaldi        4    64.933
11    MTM Reve Du Paradis    Tracy Fenney    4    65.323
12    Cupina Colada        Maggie Jayne    8    59.762

Brian Moggre Wins WIHS Equitation at Chicago Festival of the Horse

Brian Moggre has had quite the successful Equifest III series at the Chicago Festival of the horse, dominating the jumper ring and earning win after win at the Lamplight Equestrian Center. He is also a strong force in the equitation ring, and during Saturday’s competition he took home the win in the WIHS Equitation Hunter phase and Jumper phase aboard Viceroy to take home the overall victory.

Brian Moggre and Viceroy

Though Moggre just started competing in the equitation divisions this January, he has proven his skills and earned titles at shows like HITS Ocala and Devon. Moggre first started riding MTM Farm’s Viceroy at the Lamplight Equestrian Center during Spring Spectacular, and the two have grown into an impressive pair.

“He’s just an all around great ride,” expressed Moggre. “He’s great in the jumper ring, the hunter ring, equitation, everything. He’s a pretty simple ride, but he does need quite a bit of leg sometimes. I use a decent amount of leg to kind of get him going but once he’s on it and on a roll, he’s amazing.”

Moggre commented on the course, saying, “I thought the course was nice. Going into it, I definitely wanted to win, because earlier in the morning I won the WIHS Jumper phase, so after winning that I wanted to win overall. I went in there and wasn’t going to be too bold because I didn’t want to risk it. I put a solid trip down and Viceroy was right up to task and went awesome.”

Giavanna Rinaldi and Disney

Second place in the WIHS Equitation Hunter phase went to Giavanna Rindaldi aboard Alex Jayne’s Disney. It was Rinaldi’s first time riding the mare, and it was the mare’s first time competing in equitation.

Rinaldi said, “She’s super smooth and has a really great jump. It worked out in our favor because most of the lines were pretty straight, but she was really good. I was really proud of her for just stepping up and going right in the equitation for the first time. I think she’ll be really cute in the equitation, so hopefully I’ll be able to ride her again!”

Rounding out the top three in the WIHS Equitation Hunter phase was Stella Swarr aboard High Hopes Farm’s Island Boy.

Rinaldi took home another ribbon during Saturday’s competition after winning the $1,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Hunter classic. Rinaldi was riding Alex Jayne’s Bugsy Malone, a familiar mount for the junior rider. The pair put down solid rounds to earn the win.

Giavanna Rinaldi and Bugsy Malone

“He felt really good. He was super quiet and jumped great, he was on top of his game for all three courses today. Especially in the first round we got an 88, he was super smooth, jumped great, and felt really good.”

Second place in the $1,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Hunter classic went to Brianna Laheta riding her own mount, My Guardian Angel. The third place finisher was Michelle Durpetti aboard Lucca.

Therese Peck was awarded the CWD Classic Saddle in honor of being the high point combined Amateur-Owner Hunter rider throughout the three weeks at the Chicago Festival of the Horse. Peck rides with Mike McCormick and Tracey Fenny at MTM Farm, who accepted the award on her behalf during Saturday afternoon’s $50,000 Grand Prix. CWD is French a custom saddle company that prides themselves in technology, quality, and service. CWD would like to extend their congratulations to Therese Peck as well as all of the competitors during the Chicago Festival of the Horse.

Competition at the Chicago Festival of the Horse concludes on Sunday, August 14, beginning at 8 a.m. Junior and Amateur-Owner hunter riders will vie for their respective championships to close out Equifest III at the Lamplight Equestrian Center.

For more information on Lamplight Equestrian Center’s Chicago Festival of the Horse Equifest Show Series, please visit A downloadable prize list is accessible online.