A Holsteiner Gelding’s Transformation Leaves HORSE GYM USA® Speechless


: Speechless and owner John Zambrano have found great success in the hunter ring with the help of the WALK treadmill (photo courtesy of John Zambrano). 

San Juan Capistrano, CA (JRPR) Three years ago, a now seven-year-old Holsteiner gelding called Speechless was imported from Germany by his new owner John Zambrano and Zambrano’s longtime trainer, Peter Lombardo. “Peter has always done a great job finding horses for me, and Speechless has been no exception,” said Zambrano. But when Speechless first arrived in the U.S., it took some help from HORSE GYM USA® to unlock his talents. Although Speechless was young, he never had much of a playful side. Zambrano and Lombardo knew that the gelding had to enjoy his work in order to become fit enough to begin competing. Zambrano explained, “He has always been a very quiet horse, and sometimes it was really unproductive to get on him and nag him to even walk at a consistent pace.”

Zambrano began looking for a better way to help Speechless get stronger while not over working him— and that is when he decided to invest in a HORSE GYM USA® WALK treadmill for his equine partner.

The WALK treadmill is the foundation product in a complete line of equine fitness equipment carried by HORSE GYM USA®. The WALK helps horses to get fit without the weight of a rider on their back, making it the perfect tool to supplement daily training. By allowing horses to walk freely and in a straight line, the WALK encourages horses to develop a stronger topline and core muscles. The WALK also features incline settings, which aid in building the sometimes hard to reach hind-end muscles.

“Speechless has been using the treadmill since January, and it only took a month to notice how much more fit and strong he was becoming,” said Zambano. “The best part is that he really loves walking on his treadmill— he is a very particular horse and if he doesn’t enjoy something, he will tell you— and he never says no to getting on his treadmill!”

With the horse’s newfound strength and enjoyment of his job, Speechless and Zambrano quickly became a remarkable team. After watching the duo’s success in 3’3 Amateur Owner Hunter classes, HORSE GYM USA® decided to award Speechless with the June HORSE GYM USA® Horse of the Month Award. The company presented Speechless and Zambrano with a commemorative embroidered cooler while at the Blenheim June Classic in San Juan Capistrano, California. Zambrano was happy to accept the award, as he feels he owes much of the harmony in his relationship with Speechless to the WALK treadmill.

HORSE GYM USA® has a strong reputation across the country as being a leader in innovative fitness and therapeutic equipment for equine athletes. The company’s products range from treadmills to salt water hydrotherapy spas and solariums, and are widely recognized as an ideal way to help horses become “show ready” or aide with rehabilitation after being sidelined from an injury. HORSE GYM USA® is continuously hearing success stories from horse owners who have used HORSE GYM USA® products. These stories inspired the company to create the HORSE GYM USA® Horse of the Month Award as a way to recognize the most impressive transformations, like that of Speechless.

This summer, Speechless and Zambrano will continue to work towards their goal of competing in the First Year Hunter division. “I started riding in 2007 as an adult, and I have been steadily moving up since then. Having Speechless ready to move up with me is really great,” said Zambrano.

HORSE GYM USA® is thrilled to be a part of success stories like Speechless and Zambrano’s, and looks forward to hearing more such stories in the future. To learn more about HORSE GYM USA® and how its innovative products can help you attain your equine conditioning goals, visit www.horsegym.com or visit HORSE GYM USA®’s booth at a horse show near you.

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