Thoroughbred Racing Facing Closure Threat Letter Says to Members

Dear TTA Members:

The Texas Racing Commission will meet at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 9th, with a short agenda containing two items critical to the Texas horse racing industry.

Item III.B.5 is the “Report on the Executive Director’s Plan to Close the Agency in the Event that Additional Appropriations are Not Approved”.  In January, TRC Executive Director Chuck Trout sent a memo to racetrack and other industry representatives, stating that “In order to hold as few purses as possible in limbo after closure, I have determined that, absent further appropriations authority, all racing must end no later than midnight on February 16, 2016.”  Along with others, the TTA office sent a letter to Mr. Trout protesting the February 16 shutdown.

The racing commission’s administrative costs are being covered through a temporary plan that runs through February 29th.

The Commission will also consider the repeal of rules regulating Historical Racing.  Well over 1,000 letters were received during the public comment period, with only 1 in support of the repeal.
It is imperative that as many horsemen as possible attend this meeting and sign cards in opposition to both the February 16 shutdown of racing and the repeal of rules regulating Historical Racing.

The meeting will be held in the John H. Reagan Building, located at 105 W. 15th Street, Austin, TX 78701, with parking available in the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage.

We sincerely thank each one of you for continuing to support our industry by writing and calling each and every time that we have asked for your help. Your efforts do matter!

Mary Ruyle

Executive Director

Texas Thoroughbred Association