Dressage at Devon: the 2015 Show Gets Off to a Great Start

Devon, PA – Dressage at Devon: The 2015 Show Gets Off to a Great Start

You might have noticed that each entry in the breed division took just a little long than it has in the past. It’s not your imagination. The additional time (about a minute per entry) is the result of new scoring methods. The conformation score is now broken down into four scores, from just one total score. “The conformation score is 30% of the total score. A horse can, for instance, receive a full score for an excellent topline even if a head and neck score is not perfect. This allows for more accuracy,” said Melanie Sloyer, Breed Show Chair.

Transition from Breed to Performance

The transition from showing in-hand in the Breed Show to performing intricate dressage moves in the performance division. And success in the breed division does not necessarily mean that a horse will be a performance star. One of the ways that horses can make the transition and trainers can judge their potential is in under saddle classes such as Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse 3 Year Old and Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse 4 Year Old. Cha Ching HTF (ES Contucci x EMComtesse), a previous winner in breed classes at Dressage at Devon, placed second in the Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse 4 Year Old class. “We’ve been excited about him since he was a foal,” said Michael Bragdell, Trainer and Professional Handler for Hilltop Farm, Inc. (Colera, MD). “This was his first under saddle class at Dressage at Devon. He has three lovely gaits and a super mind. We have high hopes for him in the years to come.” We look forward to seeing many of these horses that will grace the Dixon for years to come.

Toschufro TT

We’ve been following Toschufro (Totalis x Baguette), born 1/1/2015, on his path to Dressage at Devon and today, was his first appearance in the Dixon Oval. The colt received a very respectable score of 75.4, 11th in a field of 26. “Showing at Dressage at Devon was a great experience,” said Elizabeth Tarbell, owner. “Most of the other colts were with their dams but since Toschufro has been weaned, he did it alone and behaved very well. You just have to get into the ring!”

As the day drew to a close, the Great American/USDF Filly, Colt/Gelding, and Current Year Foal Final classes were held in the Dixon Oval. The Great American/USDF Current Year Foal Final was won by Florioso (Floriscount x Assprache), an Oldenburg colt owned by Scott Durkin of Kerhonkson, NY, with a score of 78.063.
The Great American/USDF Colt/Gelding Final was won by Floristdanzo 121 (Floriscount x Wisconsin), an Oldenburg colt owned by Cara Kettenbach, with a score of 78.875.
And, for the last class of the evening, the Great American/USDF Filly Final, Christabell (Christ x Danae), a 3-year old Hanovarian, owned by Hannah Salazar took home the honors with a score of 78.2.