Saddle Up! Time to Enter Pin Oak

HOUSTON, (Haras Dos Calaleiros) – The Haras Dos Cavaleiros All-Breed Working Equitation Championships with $15,000 in prize money will be held over three days in 2015, beginning Thursday, March 19 through Saturday, March 21.

The honorable Sandra Migl of Austria will judge, with course designed by WAWE’s Claudia Elsner Matos of Portugal.

As the excitement builds leading up to Pin Oak 2015, there have been some new awards and opportunities announced for Working Equitation:

Good news for Youth riders!

Ashley Waller of Waller Farms has donated a special trophy that will be awarded to the High Point Youth rider in Working Equitation.  This is in addition to the amazing non-cash prizes awarded to our Youth riders.

Youth riders compete only in the Dressage and Ease of Handling phases.  Good luck to all of our Youth!

Great news for Juniors!

There will be a new $200 High Point award made to the top-scoring Junior rider (ages 13 – 18) competing in the Novice division. To be eligible for the High Point Junior Rider award, Juniors must compete in the Dressage and Ease of Handling phases in the Novice division.  However, if they also wish to compete for the regular prize money in the Novice division, they must also compete in the Speed phase.

Amazing news for everyone else!

Pin Oak has been asked to add an “International Exhibition” level this year for riders who meet the qualifications of the Advanced division. This division will compete for bragging rights only, and will mirror a similar event held at the Haras Cup, whose goal was to make more prize money available to U. S. riders.  This singular act of great sportsmanship deserves full spectator support, and should produce the highest scores of the show.

If you have an interest in riding in the International Exhibition division, please write that in on your entry form, as full entry fees are required. International Exhibition riders will compete after the Advanced division.  Be there to cheer for our superstar International riders!

Unmatched prize money in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced divisions!

First place pays $2,500, second $1,000, third $500, fourth $300 and fifth $200, with a $500 bonus in each of these levels for the top-scoring amateur rider.  You must have a valid USEF amateur card to be eligible for the amateur bonus.

Please note:  this year all exhibitors will be required to be members of WEIAUSA.  You can find the links to WEIAUSA’s membership forms and rules on the Pin Oak website on the Working Equitation page.

Photo credits:  LISA MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY, Official Working Equitation Photographer for Pin Oak 2015, and Tricia Booker Photography, Pin Oak Daily News photos.