Equine Inf Exchange Website Launched

Equine Info Exchange, LLC is proud to announce the launch of www.EquineInfoExchange.com the ultimate source for everything equine, dedicated to bringing together the millions of owners and enthusiasts to help unite the horse world.

A global portal, EquineInfoExchange.com serves the professional horse person, amateur owner, occasional aficionado and sporting fan alike. The goal is to serve all disciplines – which often act independently yet have common needs and values. The site includes both streaming news feeds and events with plans for original content , expert opinions, celebrity interviews, exclusive offers and promotions.

EquineInfoExchange.com is a totally comprehensive world-wide directory, providing a repository of information for every aspect related to horses, providing the ability to search all riding disciplines, horse sports, auctions, vacations, art, entertainment, fashion, real estate…and much, much more.

Ever evolving and expanding, the site is an ongoing a source for current news, educational articles, medical breakthroughs, and sporting updates.

A transparent sounding board for both individuals and large business alike provide a venue for every voice to and a forum share thoughts, ideas, and solutions. A classified ad section allows the opportunity for e-commerce.

The responsibility of EquineInfoExchange.com also includes horse welfare, at-risk youth programs, rescue, and retirement which address the needs and concerns of all horse lovers around the world.

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