$15,000 in Prizes to Young Riders through the Triple Crown Junior Young Rider PRO Scholarship



Jumping FEI LyonBUENA VISTA (World Equestrian Brands)Supporting the next generation of equestrians is an important part of the equine industry. World Equestrian Brands is pleased for the opportunity to do just that by sponsoring the 2014 Triple Crown Junior Young Rider PRO Scholarship Award. World Equestrian Brands wishes to congratulate East coast scholarship winner Jamie Miess and West coast winner Madison Langerak.

The Triple Crown Junior Young Rider PRO Scholarship focuses on the education and mentorship of junior and young riders who are eventing at the training level. The highest performing participating young riders receive the opportunity to train in a successful PRO rider’s training program for one week, with free board for the selected horse and rider. Any junior/young rider PRO member competing at the training level is eligible to participate in the program.

This year, a scholarship winner from the East coast and West coast of the United States also received a generous tack package from World Equestrian Brands, U.S. distributor of Amerigo, E.A. Mattes, Vespucci and Equilibrium Products. In addition to being able to ride with a professional for a week, the winners will also be prepared to ride like a pro themselves with their new tack. The World Equestrian Brands prize includes a custom-made Amerigo saddle, leathers, girth, and stirrups, an E.A. Mattes sheepskin half pad, a Vespucci bridle with reins and breastplate, as well as Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Wraps and Tri-Zone Impact Cross Country Boots.

“World Equestrian Brands feels strongly about supporting young riders and encouraging participation in the sport,” says Robin Moore, CEO of World Equestrian Brands. “In conversations with Buck Davidson and Allison Springer, who are World Equestrian Brands endorsers as well as the vice president and president of PRO, we decided that this would be a great opportunity to support young riders based on more than just competition scores. Horsemanship is involved in the scoring, and we encourage this.”

The riders appreciate World Equestrian Brands’s support. Jamie Miess, the leading rider on the Triple Crown Junior Leaderboard, made her second attempt to win the award this year, having first participated in 2012 with her previous horse. This year, aboard Eren, a 16.1 hand Hanoverian gelding, Miess earned the most points — resulting in a week of training with eventer Jan Byyny of Purcellville, Virginia and a tack package from World Equestrian Brands.

“I cannot wait to do a week of training with a professional rider!” Miess smiles. “What a great learning experience this week will be for us! I look forward to working on our skills. This fabulous scholarship will help us reach our goal of competing at the two star level. I encourage everyone to keep trying for the scholarship. It took me a couple of years of perseverance, but we did it!”

Madison Langerak, the highest ranked West coast rider, is equally as excited to win the scholarship award and World Equestrian Brands prize package. She looks forward to using her scholarship to train with Mathew Brown of Petaluma, California. “The experience is just beginning with the opportunity to ride with and learn from one of the PRO professionals!” Langerak says. “I’m hoping to continue to improve my horsemanship skills as well as my riding skills to continue to move up the levels while having fun.”

Both riders also look forward to showing off their new world-class tack and equipment from World Equestrian Brands as they rise through the ranks of eventing.

For more information about the Triple Crown Junior Young Rider Pro Scholarship Award, visit www.professionalridersblog.org.

World Equestrian Brands is committed to providing world-class, high performance equestrian products with hassle-free, personalized service backed by an experienced team of riders. For more information, visit www.worldequestrianbrands.com or call 1-888-637-8463.



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Photo: Michelle Mulcahy of Triple Crown Nutrition (left) and Robin Moore of World Equestrian Brands (right) present winner Madison Langerak (middle) with the Triple Crown Junior Young Rider PRO Scholarship Award and a World Equestrian Brands tack package (Photo credit- www.StockImageServices.com)