Who Dunnit?

MURFREESBORO, TN, (ACTHA) – Attendees at the Southern Equine Expo Will Have the Chance to Look for Clues, Solve a “Crime,” and Win Prizes!

 Join the fun and play the “whodunit”

 Based on characters from The Magnum Equation: A Cat Enright Equestrian Mystery, from the award-winning horse mystery series by Lisa Wysocky, attendees at the Southern Equine Expo (southernequineexpo.com, held February 14-16 at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee) have the chance to look for clues and solve a “crime.” Winning entries will be drawn at random for cool prizes, including a silver necklace from Tiffany.

 It’s fun, free, and easy to play. Attendees will pick up their free “Tip Sheet” at Lisa Wysocky’s booth, which will lead them to clues posted around the venue.

 The crime? Fictitious horse trainer Cat Enright’s lucky silver horseshoe necklace from Tiffany has been stolen!

 Where? From (gasp!) her tack room at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum.

 Details: The necklace was given to Cat by her mysterious barn manager, Jon Gardner; her wealthy student Darcy Whitcomb; and Agnes Temple, an elderly lady with electric blue hair––“Mom” of Sally Blue, a (possibly) psychic mare Cat trains. Cat loves everyone who gave her the necklace, and she won a world championship the first time she wore it. Now she is ready to compete again, and is devastated by the loss. Cat hopes some of the Southern Equine Expo’s attendees can help her find the thief––and her necklace.

 After attendees have “solved the crime,” completed entry forms will be turned in at Lisa Wysocky’s booth. Drawings will be held every few hours for prizes donated by: ACTHA (actha.us), Anna Whitworth (fromearthtoart.org), Groom Net (thegroomnet.com), Mauro Pet Care (mauropetcare.com), Cool Titles (cooltitles.com), Humane Healing (humanehealing.com), Letha Botts (fivebears@bellsouth.net), Lisa Wysocky (lisawysocky.com), Live for the Ride (livefortherideapparel.com), Ride Alert (ridealert.us), Sam Powell (facebook.com/thepowerofawhisper), Power of a Whisper (facebook.com/thepowerofawhisper), Purina Mills (purinamills.com), Smooth Stride (smoothstride.com), Troxel (troxelhelmets.com), and Zoetis (zoetis.com). Two grand prizes are a silver necklace from Tiffany and a custom fabric portrait of the winner, or their dog or horse.