American Saddlebreds Make an Electric Return to the National Horse Show

LEXINGTON, (Phelps) – The audience cheered as the first American Saddlebreds, since 1999 competed at the 129th Edition of the Alltech National Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. The breed, known as “the horse that America made,” had been a fixture at the National Horse Show since the late 1800’s but after the 1999 the Saddlebred performance classes had disappeared from the show.

It is only natural that the American Saddlebred return to the Alltech National Horse Show in its new home in Kentucky. Kentucky has been the center for some of the finest American Saddlebred horses in the


According to Andrea Walton, an American Saddlebred enthusiast and former winner of the prestigious Good Hands Saddlebred Equitation Class at the National Horse Show, “When the notable trainer, Helen Crabtree moved her farm to Simpsonville, KY, everyone thought she had moved to the middle of nowhere. Today many of the finest trainers in the country are in Simpsonville and the surrounding areas.”

The first class to kick off their return was the $1,500 Three Gaited Open Stake. Music played and vocal spectators showed their appreciation for the expressive, high-stepping horses. But it was Misdee Wrigley Miller, from Paris, KY and her own, Grande Gil that took home the first place prize. Peter Palmer from Prospect, KY and Carl, T. Fishers’s Battlefield earned second place.

Next, the $1,000 Fine Harness Amateur Stake Class, sponsored by Cecile and Kenny Wheeler, demonstrated their flashy park trot and show trot, engaging the audience with their brilliance. Again, it was Miller who earned the blue ribbon driving the beautiful chestnut, Castle Dream, owned by Hillcroft Farm in Paris, KY. Steel the Moment owned and ridden by Linda Beltz were second.

In the audience favorite, the $1,500 Five Gaited Open Stake, competitors showed at the walk, trot, slow gait, rack and canter. The American Saddlebred is bred to have the ability to perform the two man-made gaits, the slow gait-a stepping gait and the rack- a four-beated, fast and ultra smooth gait, in which only one foot touches the ground at a time. The spectators applauded and shouted out for their favorite horse when the announcer called for the competitors to “rack on.”

Larry Hodge and SA Kalarama’s Ulitmate

First place honors went to Sa Kalarama’s Ultimate, a beautiful stallion owned by Joan Hamilton of Springfield, KY and trained and ridden by Larry Hodge. Second place went to Lynn Williams owned by Golden Creek Farms, Inc and ridden by Mary Gaylord McClean of Simpsonville, KY.

“It feels wonderful to be back at the National Horse Show,” said Hodge. “The crowd is into it so much. We showed at the Garden and it was a thrill of a lifetime to get to go there. We’ve had this horse about four years now. I won the Stallion Stake with him here and was Reserve World Grand Champion last year. He’s a super game horse, he’s such a thrill to ride. He has so much energy and so much pizzazz. When you hit the saddle, you’ve got to be ready to ride!”

American Saddlebred classes resume Thursday evening following the Double H Farm $75,000 International Open Jumpers At the Alltech National Horse Show in the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. For more information about the 2012 Alltech National Horse Show, 129th Edition please visit

Photos By: Brooke Jacobs with Jacobs Photography. Photos may only be used in relation to this press release.

Sarah Sturges and One Shot Garner Amateur-Owner 3’3″ Hunter Championship

Lexington, KY – November 1, 2012 – The third day of the Alltech National Horse Show, 129th edition, commenced with the Amateur-Owner Hunters taking center stage this morning. Sarah Sturges and One Shot rode to the top of the rankings during the Amateur-Owner 3’3″ Hunters to capture the championship. The duo was only a half point ahead of eventual reserve champion Deborah Perkins and Whispering.

Lauren Hough and Quick Study Speed to $75,000 Double H Farm International Open Jumper Victory at the Alltech National Horse Show
Lexington, KY – November 1, 2012 – After spending the summer in Europe, Lauren Hough and Quick Study made a triumphant return to the United States during the Alltech National Horse Show, 129th Edition. The pair bested a 14-horse jump-off with a speedy double clear effort during the $75,000 Double H Farm International Open Jumper class. Ireland’s Richie Moloney galloped into second place position aboard Slieveanorra, while Kent Farrington and his young mount Venus left all the rails in place for the third place honors.

The riders found the key to Richard Jeffery’s first round early on, which featured a triple bar, a liverpool, an oxer-vertical double combination, and a vertical-vertical-oxer triple combination. Fourteen horses returned to the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park for the jump-off, which would prove to be a foot race over a bending line to a single airy vertical, part of the triple combination, and two final wide oxers.

Belgium’s Olivier Philippaerts was the first to conquer the challenge with Stal De Kalvarie’s Denver Van’t Goemanshot, but his fault-free round in 44.41 seconds would only be good enough for seventh. Aaron Vale and Palm Sunday, owned by Amen Corner Farm, bested the pair in 42.830 seconds, but their effort eventually placed fifth, with Great Britain’s Tim Gredley and Unex Timo IV, owned by Unex Competition Yard LTD, slipping into sixth at 42.88 seconds.

It looked like Ireland’s Richie Moloney was going to be the victor after he set a time of 40.66 seconds, well ahead of the other competitors with Equinimity LLC’s Slieveanorra. Just prior to Moloney, Kent Farrington had set the time to beat with Venus, owned by Raylyn Farm’s Venus at 41.39 seconds. Unfortunately, Moloney and Farrington would have to settle for second and third, respectively, after veteran duo Lauren Hough and Quick Study, owned by Laura Mateo, entered the arena.

Making his first appearance in the United States since this spring, Quick Study was right on point, easily clearing the obstacles in his path to victory. They sliced the single vertical for the combination and deftly maneuvered through the inside turns to one of the final oxers. Hough and Quick Study’s swift pace and path added up to the win as they dashed for the cash in 40.51 seconds, one tenth of a second ahead of Moloney.

“My horse has a severe right drift, so I sort of made a last minute adjustment in the first line and Quick Study was good to clear the second jump,” admitted Hough. “It set up my turn well to that second vertical. I was quite quick from the double onwards; I think that is where I made up time. I think it was quite close.”

Hough continued, “At this stage in his life, Quick Study is quite rideable; he used to be a handful. We know each other quite well at this point, and I am thankful to have him. I have had a run of unlucky streak of four fault rounds this summer. The last show in Europe was in Vienna. We made the second round, but had the first jump down in second round. He’s been knocking on the door, I just had to stay patient and not change anything. Last week he hung out with Joe Fargis in Middleburg, Virginia, for the week. He’s a pretty easy keeper these days; we keep him fit and happy.”

Moloney was also pleased with his horse’s performance stating, “He’s a good indoor horse, naturally very quick. I am just doing these shows for now and will see what happens. I will probably jump my other horse on Saturday during the World Cup Qualifier though.”

Farrington will also ride a different horse for Saturday’s World Cup Qualifier, his leading mount Uceko. “This is still a pretty green horse to be doing this level, especially inside. He jumps a lot behind; he doesn’t have the best front end right now. Inside these are still quite difficult courses right now for this horse. This is the comfort level right now.”

Hillary Simpson slipped into fourth with Nopus Du Gue Joubert, owned by Quiet Hill Farm. Australia’s Matt Williams and Watch Me VD Mangelaar, owned by Samantha Tuerk, had slower round of 45.66 seconds that went into eighth. Margie Engle and Royce, owned by Elm Rock LLC, had the slowest clear round, clocking in a conservative 48.19 seconds. Kaitlin Campbell and Rocky W did have the fastest round of the night, but they had an unfortunate rail before the combination for four faults to round out the top ten.

Junior and Amateur-Owner Jumpers Highlight Afternoon

Earlier this afternoon, the Junior and Amateur-Owner Jumpers got underway in the Alltech Arena. Beginning with the $10,000 Deeridge Farm Junior Jumper Welcome Stake, riders had to show over a 12-fence speed track designed by Richard Jeffery. The course featured multiple inside turns, a vertical-oxer double combination, an oxer-vertical double combination, and an airy vertical across the middle that added four faults to many of the riders’ scores.

Kalvin Dobbs was the first rider to complete a fault-free effort over the course, and was also only the second competitor in the ring with Ultimate VDL, owned by Treesdale Farm. They set the pace at 68.120, which would be good enough for fourth place. Two trips later, Catherine Tyree and Wetter jumped to an eventual second place finish after crossing the timers in 65.083 seconds with all the rails intact. Gabrielle Bausano was close on Tyree’s heels later in the class riding her own Ubico H. Their fault free effort was good enough for third place after they broke the beam at 67.268.

Abigail McArdle and her speedy mount Cosma 20 would prove to be the best of the day. Even with adding a stride in one of the lines, their smooth turns and quick track bested the competition as they stopped the timers at 62.983 seconds, three seconds faster than Tyree. The pair returned to the ring at the end of the class to claim their blue ribbon and lead the victory gallop.

“The turn on the way to the last line was actually a lot tighter and harder than we expected,” noted McArdle after her win. “The main part of making up was galloping between the fences. Cosma is just really fast across the ground. I was really happy with the way she went because it’s really spooky in there, even for the experienced horses.”

McArdle added, “Cosma was amazing at Harrisburg, so she went home and had some paddock time and went on some trail rides. As long as she kept her fitness up, we kept it easy. After today I feel super confident, because she was really good everywhere. It’s nice to start with a speed class with her because it helps to open her up and gallop her around.”

The amateur riders took their turn over the same track during the $10,000 Chansonette Farm Amateur-Owner Jumper Welcome Stake. This time 10 riders managed to leave all the rails in their cups and finish with no faults to their name. Kelsey Thatcher led the victory gallop after crossing the finish line in a blazing 61.743 seconds with Everything. They were only the second pair to enter the ring, but they were right on point at they shaved off seconds in the air and across the ground. Meagan Nusz came the closest to catching Thatcher, tripping the timers at 63.014 seconds aboard Vesuvius, owned by Amalaya Investments, for the second place honors. Alise Oken and Kaid Du Ry, owned by Hi Hopes Farm, rounded out the top three after their clear round came in at 63.662 seconds.

“Everything is a very fast horse across the ground naturally,” explained Thatcher. “He’s a fast jumper, he lands far away from the jump and he hunting the next fence. We bought him at the end of WEF from Cian O’Connor and he’s been great so far. It was a nice course today because there were areas where you could go fast and areas where you could take your time.”

“This is a great show,” concluded Thatcher. “The exhibitor lounge is phenomenal. It is over the top. Those little things that this horse show does to make it better for the exhibitors make it that much more of a positive experience.”

Tomorrow’s highlight events at the 2012 Alltech National Horse Show, 129th Edition, will include each of the $10,000 Amateur-Owner and Junior Jumper classes, the Chartis Insurance Company $50,000 International Open Jumper Speed class, and the Alltech National Horse Show $50,000 International Open Jumper Puissance. The weekend will wrap up with the $250,000 World Cup Qualifying Grand Prix on Saturday night, and the ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay National Championships on Sunday. For more information about the 2012 Alltech National Horse Show, 129th Edition please visit

Photo Credits:

1          294     OHLALA         LAUREN HOUGH       0    0     0     64.790      0     0     0      40.510

2          307     SLIEVEANORRA        RICHIE MOLONEY     0     0     0     62.890       0     0     40.660

3          263     VENUS      KENT FARRINGTON      0     0     0     66.110     0     0     0       41.390

4          257     NOPUS DU GUE JOUBERT     HILLARY SIMPSON   0   0    0   65.070   0  0  0   41.690

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10        241     ROCKY W       KAITLIN CAMPBELL   0    0   0   66.140   4    0   4     39.990

$10,000 Deeridge Farm Junior Jumper Welcome

1          453     COSMA 20      ABIGAIL MCARDLE   0          0          0          62.983

2          372     WETTER        CATHERINE TYREE 0          0          0          67.262

3          448     UBICO H         GABRIELLE BAUSANO          0          0          0          67.268

4          367     ULTIMATE VDL         KALVIN DOBBS         0          0          0          68.120

5          463     CORDINO        ELIZABETH PATZ     0          0          0          71.754

6          635     SINATRA IV   MEG O’MARA             4          0          4          66.357

7          368     WINDE           KALVIN DOBBS         4          0          4          66.727

8          374     KACHINA        CHARLOTTE JACOBS            4          0          4

9          375     PROMISED LAND      CHARLOTTE JACOBS            4          0

10        500     VOSQINUS      MATTIAS TROMP      4          0          4      68.247

$10,000 Chansonette Farm Amateur-Owner Jumper Welcome

1          436     EVERYTHING             KELSEY THATCHER 0          0          0          61.734

2          616     VESUVIUS       MEAGAN NUSZ          0          0          0          63.014

3          420     KAID DU RY   ALISE OKEN   0          0          0          63.662

4          434     DULF VAN DEN BISSCHOP KELSEY THATCHER 0          0          0          64.011

5          679     CAPITANO      DANIELLE TORANO 0          0          0          66.761

6          385     TOTAL TOUCH          CAITLIN HOPE           0          0          0          68.484

7          389     VIEKIE            MELISSA ORLICK-ZBIERSKI             0          0          0          68.866

8          451     OSCAR 72       LAUREN WARD         0          0          0          68.893

9          510     LAPACCO        WESLEY NEWLANDS           0          0          0          69.405

10        380     WIBERRA       MADISON CAMERON            0          0          0   74.289