State-Of-The-Art Mobile Horse Spa Rolls Into Quarter Horse Land

COLUMBUS, OHIO (JRPR) – Almost 6,000 horses will descend on Columbus, Ohio on October 5-28, 2012 for the All American Quarter Horse Congress, the world’s largest single-breed show. From the tops of their shiny manes to the bottom of their well-manicured hooves, the athletic and well-trained horses will not only compete at the world-class show – and for the second year in a row they will also enjoy treatments from The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Therapy’s Mobile Unit.

The Sanctuary’s home base is Ocala, Florida, and the world-class rehab center’s mobile unit will be on hand during the three weeks of the All American Quarter Horse Congress. “The Sanctuary’s mobile spa travels to the top shows all over the country. Our spa isn’t just about pampering, it’s also about giving horses a competitive edge and the horses competing at Congress are the best in the country, so having a competitive advantage is very important,” said Terry Angelo, manager of The Sanctuary’s Wellington, Florida location.

Horses competing at Congress can gain a winning edge thanks to state-of-the-art equipment in the mobile unit that is dedicated to the healing, conditioning and well being of all equine athletes. All of the therapies used by The Sanctuary are based on methods used for human rehabilitation and conditioning and much of the equipment is the same as that used by college and professional athletes.

“We are really excited to be part of the Quarter Horse Congress again. We had a great time working with horses and their owners last year and once again we are offering some great packages for horse owners,” Angelo said.  Services offered through The Sanctuary’s mobile unit include the Cold Saltwater Leg Spa, Transpirator II, Magna Wave, Laser Therapy and Zamar Hot/Cold Dry Compression. “The Sanctuary is proud to offer the most advanced equipment in the world. Congress features the best Quarter Horses in the world, so we know we are a perfect match,” Angelo said.

The Cold Saltwater Leg Spa is the ideal treatment for legs. With 35-degree turbulated saltwater, the leg spa stops pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, removes heat, increases circulation, relieves sore feet and speeds healing. “Horse owners see the benefit of our leg spa when they witness the relief their horses experience, and the benefits,” Angelo said.

Laser Therapy, which relieves pain and inflammation in joints and soft tissue injuries, is also a highly sought after treatment for keeping equines in the winners circle. Laser Therapy increases energy to cells, which results in faster repair to tendons, ligaments and muscles. “This machine is used by many professional baseball teams to relieve soreness in arms and legs. Increased circulation, on horses and humans, speeds up the healing process, closes wounds quickly and reduces scar tissue,” Angelo said.

The Sanctuary’s mobile unit also offers a Transpirator II, which provides respiratory therapy utilizing EquiSilver respiratory solution that improves lung function and allows the horse to perform better. “Trainers have quickly learned to rely on this therapy, especially as the chelated silver bonds with the water vapor and is active against all types of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. This therapy is great for dealing with coughing, congestion and snotty noses.”

Two other services the mobile unit offers includes the Magna Wave, and electromagnetic pulse machine, which relieves sore muscles, strains and stiff joints, as well as the Zamar Hot/Cold Dry Compression machine. “Cold compression relieves pain and reduces heat and swelling in the legs and hoofs. Hot compression with our heat therapy back pad improves circulation and suppleness and is especially effective for ‘cold-backed’ horses,” Angelo said.

To set up an appointment for the mobile unit, call Angelo at 352-804-6752. For more information about The Sanctuary in Ocala or Wellington, visit their website at

Photos: The Sanctuary’s mobile unit will attend the world’s largest single breed horseshow, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, to condition the equine athletes. (Photo courtesy of The Sanctuary)