Wallis Backers Write Eleventh Hour Appeal to House and Senate Conferees on Taxpayer Supported Meat Inspectors

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – In an eleventh hour appeal to House and Senate conferees, lobbyists for the meat industry issued an urgent appeal on behalf of removing prohibitions against federally funded horsemeat inspectors in U.S. slaughterhouses. The appeal was issued through United Horsemen, a small group of producers and horse breeders headed by rural second term Wyoming State Representative, Republican Sue Wallis.

Currently there are no horse slaughterhouses operating in the United States.

Even if the slaughter of horses were permitted again by restoration of the inspectors, it is doubtful there would be a market for horsemeat since the European Union has issued a directive against accepting U.S. horsemeat products for import because of the widespread use of dangerous drugs prohibited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Wallis’ group purports to speak for all horse owners and all of animal agriculture, despite overwhelming opposition to re-opening abattoirs in this country. Poll after poll over the last ten years have shown a consistent 70 percent opposition by all Americans to horse slaughter.

The group also targeted the Humane Society of the United States, despite the fact that HSUS involvement in the issue has largely been on the periphery.

The United Horsemen appeal to its membership was released early Tuesday evening.

Dear Conferee,

Through the Conference Committee process you have an opportunity to increase the welfare of horses, reinvigorate the devastated horse related economy, and protect an entire segment of animal agriculture from a radical animal rights vegan agenda simply by adopting the Senate’s already passed position-and without the need for any additional appropriation. It is very important to the hard-working taxpaying families who make their living with horses that the House recedes to the Senate position on this issue.

Please do not include any riders preventing the USDA inspection of horses.

Without the damaging riders included in Section 739 of the House version of Ag Appropriations, horse meat processors will be able to pay a fee to receive the necessary USDA inspections that ensure humane handling and food safety through a system that is already in place and used to regulate the processing of meats like bison and elk.

The GAO Report released after the House took action on Ag Appropriations, HORSE WELFARE: Action Needed to Address Unintended Consequences of Domestic Slaughter Cessation, documents the decline in horse welfare, and

the negative impacts on the overall equine economy as a direct result of the loss of a humane option for otherwise unwanted, unusable, excess horses.

Because of the back-door exclusionary efforts of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Congress adopted these damaging riders, and the horse people of America never had an opportunity to explain their common sense reasoning for the humane and regulated processing of horses.

Congress never heard the information that would have prevented the unmitigated suffering of horses, and the economic evisceration of an entire sector of animal agriculture. We hope you correct this and afford the horse people of America a full and fair opportunity before destroying their ability to make a living with horses, and to raise their children and grandchildren with the joy of horses in their lives.


United Horsemen

18 comments for “Wallis Backers Write Eleventh Hour Appeal to House and Senate Conferees on Taxpayer Supported Meat Inspectors

  1. D. Verret
    November 10, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Ms Wallis and HCHS/don’t do humane euth for the equines in this Country:

    You may have the status quo on your side. You may have politicians on your side.

    You do NOT have right and morality on your side.

    I see your minions have not posted on this thread either. Why’s that Ms Wallis???????

    • Joe
      November 10, 2011 at 7:33 pm

      D. Verret and Vicki

      I would like to remind everyone that horses are livestock. I am for the humane handling of all livestock from birth to death.

      First of all, readers need to remember that the Federal Meat Inspections Act (FMIA) passed on 1906, gave the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspections System Inspections System (FSIS) the authority and mandate to provide inspections and regulation of Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine and Equines.

      WITH THIS being said it shows that horses are included to be slaughtered for HUMAN CONSUMPTION.. Like it or not they are a food animal..

      Just what gives you the RIGHT to tell the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN NOT EAT?? The muslims do not eat pork as it against their religion other parts of the world worship cattle. What would happen if they said we could not eat PORK OR BEEF. Have you people become the POLICE of the WORLD??

      Thanks for the Space Joe

      • admin
        November 10, 2011 at 9:28 pm

        There is a growing body of thought that horses ceased to be livestock with the advent of the automobile more than 100 years ago. Only a handful of the nation’s 9.2 million horses are used today in agriculture, yet 4.6 million Americans are involved in the industry as owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers. A full 2 million own horses, according to the Washington based American Horse Council. Most of the horses owned today are used for recreational purposes.

        There is a growing movement to re-classify equines as service animals rather than livestock. We do not support their re-classification as companion animals, however, we do see merit in calling them something other than livestock, which seems to us to be a misnomer when describing their actual use today. Times have changed, and while horses certainly were once legitimately livestock, it seems to us that is long passed.

        The Internal Revenue Service is increasingly tightening their interpretation of horses as a livestock deduction. However, we fully support that no matter what happens in this rapidly changing business of classification, we urge states to continue to provide horse owners with a tax exemption.

        The Editor

        • Joe
          November 10, 2011 at 11:24 pm


          I question your comment that horses need to be changed from livestock to something else such as a service animal. Just what may I ask is your defination of a service animal?

          Horses carry transmital diseases to other livestock. This is why the department of Agriculture has to still control horses as livestock. There are many more reasons. Horses are raised with cattle in a lot of cases and when they go to a sales barn they bring the disease with them and transmitting to the cattle at the sales barn.

          As far as the Internal Revenue they are tightening up the write offs unless the owner can show a profit from his horse business weather it be a breeder or trainer. Unless they can show a profit the IRS will disallow the write offs. Farmers and ranchers are allowed horses as they are tools of the trade. Same goes for carriage services. People that own a small farm with horses for pleasure and try to write them off is not allowed unless they show a profit. There is a small farm owner with 11 head of horses that I suppose found some loop hole and calls it a rescue. This is why the IRS has tightened up the rules.

          As far as a state allowing a write off when the Federal IRS will not this will not happen. In the state of Washington they tried to disallow the write off till they found out that the Federal IRS allowed them as a ligitimate business and had to refund the taxes assesed. With no Federal tax deductions, no state taxes allowed. A person with pleasue horse used only for their own use and not reselling for a profit they can not get a tax break. This has also been my experience. You need to show a profit…

          It looks to me like the anti slaughter with their goal to stop slaughter by changing the classification of horses from livestock will only hurt the industry more than they already have.

          Thanks for the space JOE

      • equusprimus
        November 10, 2011 at 11:02 pm

        What gives YOU the right to promote and advocate for using the regulated US food industry (slaughter) to dispose of your unwanted horses or any horses **that were NOT raised for food** that you can find cheap enough to make a buck selling them to slaughter? What gives YOU the right to promote and advocate selling TOXIC POISONOUS “food” to other human beings?

        Just exactly what kind of unethical, immoral, vicious, money hungry morons are you and the rest of your buddies to completely and willfully ignore the facts that US horses are for the most part ALL treated with wormers, fly spray, Bute, antibiotics, steroids, DMSO and much more, all of which are CLEARLY LABELED: Not for Use in Animals intended for Human Consumption? Who do you think you are to ignore the fact that in the US HORSES ARE NOT RAISED as food from cradle to grave by one owner who adheres to strict FOOD SAFETY laws as related to livestock, in order to keep them NON-TOXIC? Who do you think you are to willfully press for this which is HARMFUL for HUMANS WHO CONSUME THIS “product”? Just because you wish to ignore the truth does not make these facts disappear!

        The horses going to slaughter have been made toxic to humans by what they are given in their lives – there is NO WITHDRAWAL for Bute and for many other of these substances. Studies and polls have shown time and again, the flesh is POISONOUS and TOXIC due to this chemical exposure.

        What part of all this doesn’t your thick head and ice heart understand? You don’t care about the humane treatment of the horse and you sure as hell don’t care if you give human beings CANCER and other fatal diseases from eating toxic “food”. You idiots just keep bleating your refrain of “eat the horses, kill the horses” – it’s really all about you getting a few bucks for each equine life and being rewarded for poisoning other humans. How about if we gather you all up, try and convict you all for willful endangerment of unknowing human consumers, hold you captive and forcefeed you a diet heavy in bute-laden horse that you apparently relish so much? YOU can suffer the consequences you are trying to put on other people!

        How stupid do you think the rest of America and the rest of world is? We see what you are up to! If you all weren’t so evil and horrific in your ignorant views, you would be laughable, a joke. In fact, you ARE a joke now. A big stupid ridiculous joke on America while you are also CRIMINALS willfully working to poison other humans.

        You’re so dumb you are crapping in your own bed by doing this, pressing to sell humans toxic “meat”. Don’t you think the rest of the world and Americans are going to begin seriously questioning the safety of the BEEF you also raise? Why would we want to buy beef from creeps that want to also poison us with toxic horse flesh? DUH! Keep it up and we’ll quit eating your beef as well – how do you like that for size?

        Ever seen the stupid criminal videos? Well, you people fit right into that kind of category of stupid, unethical and immoral. A complete waste of skin. Just my opinion. Keep pushing and I’ll share even more of it with you!

        • Joe
          November 11, 2011 at 12:21 pm


          My you got a bad temper, you also like to name call people. You are is the same class of the other trolls in my opinion. Talk about WASTING SPACE!!

          In truth, the only reason the anti’s are so vile and hostile in their words and deeds is because that’s all they’ve to fight with… emotion, no FACTS.. They have been fairly sucessful in shaming and guilting people into silence.

          You have a nice day Joe

          • equusprimus
            November 11, 2011 at 10:37 pm

            Like I said: “A big stupid ridiculous joke on America while you are also CRIMINALS willfully working to poison other humans.” Let’s add to that hypocrite.

            Yes, HYPOCRITE! You and the rest of your bloodthirsty cronies have NO facts of any kind to support your greedy positions and yet you dare to state that those working to stop your unethical, vicious and greedy criminal activities are the ones without facts.

            You CHOOSE to ignore the published facts of science, peer reviewed studies and papers issued by regulating government agencies both here and abroad and then claim those facts do not exist.

            You dream up your own version of “facts” with zero foundation and try to link events that have no real connection – FALSEHOODS such as: the depressed horse industry is due to the closing of US slaughter plants and; horse abuse/abandonment is caused due to those plants closing.

            You have NO PROOF of any of that and still you continue to bleat it out like sheep being led by your ignorant perverted shepherd, Wallis and her likely puppetmasters, the beef industry. All of you are a bunch of fools, liars and criminals.

            It is astounding that you people really believe anyone will take you seriously – it doesn’t take genius to see the obvious lies and outrageous false claims you make are completely without foundation. You mental midgets don’t seem to be able to do anything to show otherwise either — you’ve been given numerous chances to provide facts but you can’t so you just keep bleating out the party line, prodded by your master. Extremely disgusting and a complete waste of skin.

      • D. Verret
        November 11, 2011 at 1:07 am

        Space Joe:

        FSIS doesn’t have anything to do with the current state of HCHS of US Equines.

        They don’t “worship cattle”….they believe in reincarnation and that the spirit of that “cow” may be another human transitioning.

        Like it or not, equines are NOT a FOOD animal in the US.

        And what exactly, gives you the right to dump a non food animal on other humans without the necessary production records required of Cattle, swine, ovine?

        • Joe
          November 11, 2011 at 11:55 am

          Princess of the Trolls D. Verret

          Maybe since you think you are so smart you can answer the question of the Editor.


          Thanks, Have a wonderful day Joe

          • D, Verret
            November 13, 2011 at 2:34 pm

            Seems you’re the one with the repetitive potty, snark/abuse mouth here…you are the king.

            Service animal? In the post I made that you specifically replied to, I didn’t use the terms “service animal”…..but I’ll humor you.

            A service animal is NOT a product; it is an animal that provides a service to humans (seeing eye, hauling, transport, search and rescue, law enforcement, entertainment, companion) that is not raised and bred as a food source for humans.

        • joe
          November 11, 2011 at 1:20 pm

          D. Verret

          It is very clear that you are one of the biddest liars of all times. In the past you siad that you were never going to comment to me anymore. You just can not resist still spewing BS.

          The article HSUS you and Vicki invited the Pro’s back. Did you notice that now they dressed the WOLF in SHEEP”S clothing? Just because they changed the picture does not make his goals
          change. This is my opinion

          You have yourself a wonderful day now. Joe

          • D, Verret
            November 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm

            Hey Dunderhead….I said I wasn’t going to reply any further on that specific thread to that specific poster. Lord, you are THICK!


            Notice you didn’t respond to my point that FSIS doesn’t have anything to do with the current or 100% of the entire process of HCHS….but you keep referencing them.

            Dumb as a box of rocks, without the resale value of rocks that can cover my ranch’s roads.

          • D, Verret
            November 13, 2011 at 2:40 pm

            Excuse….”…100% of the HCHS process in the US when the last 3 plants WERE opn…..”

            I didn’t invite (2d comment on this)…I said anti HSUS hadn’t posted as of the date/time stamp of my post.

            You ARE stupid.

          • admin
            November 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm

            We would prefer people who post on this forum not be called stupid. It’s our think they are sensitiv souls who might get their feelings hurt. Please desist. If you must call a name we would vastly prefer your use of dunderhead, a term that comes from English literature whichyour targets perhaps learned in school.

            The Editor

          • D, Verret
            November 13, 2011 at 3:15 pm

            But, unfortunately sometimes they are.

            In the meantime, while I have been called a a “liar”, “the biddest liars”, “rude, snide” and accused of graft (taking money)…I will refrain from calling out those that I think are stupids. Not that it will change the facts.

      • D, Verret
        November 13, 2011 at 5:45 pm

        BTW….you are so out of date on your references (1906, etc) with regard to production, slaughter and processing for human consumption, sale of US and imported livestock/livestock products and the mergers, new agencies, mission statements, inspection authority, etc.

        More proof that you are…………….

  2. Tom Durfee
    November 9, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    In my opinion Wallis and her backers are nothing less than terrorist with the intent of poisoning hundreds of thousands of Europeans with tainted horse meat. What else could you call a group that knows the product is poison and still tries to market to other humans?

  3. November 9, 2011 at 7:30 am

    “….a direct result of the loss of a humane option for otherwise unwanted, unusable, excess horses”.

    NO SUE, slaughter is not a disposal service. It is a regulated industry for animals specifically raised as food.

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