Ranch Sorting Promoters Claim Huge Success




ARDMORE, (RSNC) – Ranch Sorting National Championships hosted the Merial RSNC National Finals in Ardmore, Oklahoma,

at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum June 27-July 2, 2011. This spectacular event accommodated 4,093 teams over a 6 fun-filled days. The RSNC finals was a huge success, broke many records, and the growth in the sport continues to exceed expectations.

RSNC had contestants attending from as far as Virginia and California and as close as Ardmore, Oklahoma. Winners were awarded an abundance of cash and prizes.

Those that were not in attendance were able to watch via computer on LIVE webcast. The webcast was a hit, since the LIVE Webcast had 7,211 viewers and people were watching from as far away as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico and Venezuela.

A bonus to RSNC Finals was announcing the partnership with outstanding clinicians such as: Aaron Ralston, John Lyons, Kerry Kuhn, Kevin Meyer, Ken McNabb, Charles Wilhelm, and Al Dunning. RSNC is excited to feature and join forces with these clinicians to provide assistance to anyone who has training or clinic needs.

Membership was a big factor during finals. Between June 27 and June 29 there were 140 new members that signed up for RSNC membership on the computer. At that same time RSNC membership grew to over 11,000 members. This sport continues to explode all across the United States.

RFD-TV was a wonderful addition to RSNC finals. The Ride with Aaron Ralston, All Around Performance Horse, and Cowboy Church were the shows on site filming for fall episodes. Make sure to watch RFD-TV for more highlights of RSNC National Finals.

Western Wishes Celebrity Sort fundraiser was a great way to have fun and raise money for kids that are critically ill, severely injured, or physical challenged and love the western way of life. Over $7,500 was raised for this wonderful charity.

It is the mission of RSNC to lead the industry in developing and improving the sport of Ranch Sorting through affordability and a fair rating system. Our goal is to preserve the heritage and integrity of the ranching lifestyle while providing a family oriented, competitive riding experience at the grassroots level.

RSNC was formally established in the spring of 2007 by horse enthusiasts who compete and participate in different equine events and who saw the potential for Ranch Sorting within the equine industry
Our goal is to grow the sport to the largest equine sport in the nation. RSNC is helping contestants as a unified force to grow this sport, through exposure and national equine publications and media such as RFD-TV and Horse TV. We offer e asy

access to exciting competition for beginners, right up through the expert.

75% of all the competitors coming to RSNC events are new to horse sport competitions. It’s so easy anyone who can throw a leg over a horse can have FUN and compete. Ranch Sorting allows everyone in the family to COMPETE, WIN and get the recognition and rewards that in most equine sports only the very top competitors receive.